About Us

Welcome to Gardenguider. I’m Justin Rhodes and I’d love to take a moment to thank you for being with us. We at Garden Guider are working relentlessly towards one simple goal. Which is – “To make you a garden guider. Be with us and you’ll see yourself growing plants in Mars soil in on time”.

Who We Are?

It’s better if we explain this part through our founding story.

I and Ray were chilling on my couch during the Superbowl with a few friends. At one point, Kevin (My childhood buddy) challenged me to build a garden within 2 weeks.

And I can say one thing about me very clearly – I am a highly competitive person. So, when I jumped onto my lawn with a spade, they all laughed. But after two weeks they had their jaws dropped.

Seeing this Ray told me to start a blog. I wasn’t sure at first but when he said that he’d support me, I started to consider it. Well, if you had the knowledge and an experienced blogger was on your back, then anyone would say yes.

So, I decided to put my Botany degree to some use and launched Garden Guider on one fine day.

How do we work?

From our couch workstation, today we have around 12 employees working on different projects.

We know that there are hundreds of gardening blogs. However, remember our promise? We want to make you a garden guider. So, keep our promise, we’ve built a content filter of our own.

Whatever gets published here goes through this checklist-

  1. My practical and academic knowledge of gardening.
  2. Thoughts and advice of community experts.
  3. Issues and hacks coming directly from the home gardeners.

So, before publishing anything, we make sure that it’ll actually help you to build a garden on Mars.

Hit us up

Don’t hesitate to give us a hit on the inbox if you feel like it. We’re open to both positive and negative thoughts. Ultimately what are friends for?

You can mail us directly at justin.gardenguider@gmail.com

We’re open 24/7 to hear you out!