No Male Flowers on Cucumber Plant: Solved!

Being a garden enthusiast, you’ll be frustrated with having no male flowers on the cucumber plant. 

So, why there are no male flowers on cucumber plant?

If your cucumber plant belongs to a Gynoecious variety, it won’t produce any male flowers. If the temperature of your garden area is lower than 50 degrees Fahrenheit, no male flower on the cucumber plant is common. You must ensure a higher temperature like 85° F for producing more male flowers. 

It was just a quick attempt to give an idea of why no male flowers on your lant. There are more reasons for that. So stick with the article to know them along with the ways to increase male flowers. 

No Male Flowers on Cucumber Plant: 4 Potential Reasons And Solutions

For cucumber plants to produce fruit, they require male flowers for pollination. Cucumbers are monoecious, which means they have separate male and female flowers on the same plant. Pollen is produced by the male flowers in order to fertilize the female flowers.

Here is more on cucumber planting; 

Usually, male flowers have a slender stem and a single stamen that produces pollen. So, if your cucumber plant is not getting any male flowers, it must be an issue. You need to find out the reasons to sort out the remedies. 

Let’s have a glimpse of the reasons and solutions in a shorter manner first before going to discuss them in a vast manner.

Reasons  Solutions 
Gynoecious variety  Select the correct variety 
Lack of Warmth  Ensure the temperature is above 85°F
Lack of nutrition  Increase the amount of nutrients in the soil 
Lack of sunlight Ensure proper sunlight 

It won’t help you much to know the reasons and solutions in a short manner. It’s time to investigate the causes and solutions in a deeper manner so that you can resolve this problem

Reason 1: Gynoecious Variety

The first obvious reason is you have a cucumber plant of Gynoecious variety. Gynoecious plants produce mostly female flowers. In this variety, you don’t need male flowers for pollination.

It is a special type of hybrid that produces predominantly female flowers.  Seeds of a standard monoecious variety are commonly included in the seed packet to ensure adequate pollination.

Many commercially available cucumber varieties have been selectively bred to increase their Gynoecious characteristics, but natural varieties can also be found.  


You should find out a different variety that is able to produce male and female flowers both. Rather than buying Gynoecious cucumbers, which are usually F1 hybrids, look for open-pollinated types.

But some Gynoecious varieties, such as Monika, are semi-Gynoecious and may not require pollination. You only need a pollinator if you want to save seeds or if your plants are not fully parthenocarpic.

It is important to know your cucumber plant’s breed or variety in order to determine its flowering and fruiting habits. A breed name is usually found on a tag or seed packet, although it can also be referred to as a variety name.

Reason 2: Lack of Warmth

Growing cucumber plants in a lack of warmer temperatures is another potential reason. The cucumber plant is supremely sensitive to temperature and it can have a negative impact on producing male flowers. Too cold a temperature can also lead to your cucumber tasting like chemicals.

When the temperature drops too low, the plant goes through stress and reduces hormone production which can affect its ability to form male flowers. Because cucumbers tend to produce male flowers in warmer temperatures.   


So, to get over the situation you need to ensure that the plant is at a high temperature. It is best to grow ample male flowers when the temperature is 86 degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Cucumber plants can usually tolerate warm temperatures up to 90°F (32°C) for brief periods of a few days. Most cucumber varieties will grow and produce fruit better if temperatures remain above 85°F (29°C).

Lack of Warmth

Reason 3: Lack of Nutrition 

When you observe female blossoms but no male blossoms after the plant has matured, inadequate nutrition may be to blame. 

As the water drains out of the garden, the nutrients may be washed away faster in container gardens than in conventional gardens. Also, the acidity of the soil is important to grow male flowers impromptu. 


You have to ensure the proper nutrition of the soil so that the plant can grow enough male flowers. The soil must have the right level of acidity. An ideal pH level of 6.5 and a large amount of nitrogen and phosphorus are required for male flowering. 

The cucumber is not one of those vegetables that grow well in rocky soil. However, one thing you should also remember is that too much nitrogen may also reduce male flowering. Because excessive nitrogen will result in greener leaves. Rather you should try fertilizer with high phosphorous. Because it increases the production of male flowers. 

Since the plant requires green leaves for photosynthesis, which produces food for energy, it’s essential to maintain a balance where most leaves are green.  

Reason 4: Lack of Sunlight 

Lack of sunlight is another great factor in not flowering cucumber plants. It is also culpable for your Loropetalum losing leaves.


To maintain the health of cucumber plant leaves, it’s essential to expose them to sunlight. Shady environments are unsuitable for cucumber growth and flowering. 

Provide your cucumber plant with at least 8 to 9 hours of sunlight. 

If it’s not possible, make sure that your plant is getting at least 5-6 hours of proper sunlight.

Lack of Sunlight

How to Increase Male Flowers on Cucumber Plant 

You can increase cucumber plant male flowering by following the methods given below.

  • If you want your cucumber plants to produce more male flowers, harvest them regularly. More male flowers will be produced by the plant as a result. A harvest every two to three days or every other day is recommended.
  • Remove any excess leaves and stems from cucumbers to increase the number of male flowers. Any leaves or stems that grow uncontrollably can be pruned off by trimming off the tips. This process will help the plant to concentrate its energy on producing flowers rather than producing foliage. 
  • The production of male flowers is stimulated by the deep, regular watering of your cucumber plant. Mulch around the plant in hot weather to keep the roots moist. Also, remember to provide extra water while flowering. 
  • Cucumbers can be pollinated by hand to increase their male flower count. Manually transfer pollen between male and female flowers using this method. Cotton swabs or small paintbrushes can be used for this. Hand pollination is one of the key rules to increasing flowers in cucumbers
  • Last but, not least, use the Gibberellic acid hormone. This is a male flower-increasing hormone. Spray it on the soil around the plant’s base or drench it in it. Avoid misapplication of the product by following the directions on the label carefully. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Is it possible for cucumbers to pollinate without male flowers?

No, it is not possible for cucumbers to pollinate without male flowers. Cucumbers are a type of plant that has separate male and female flowers. The male flowers produce pollen, while the female flowers have the potential to develop into cucumbers if they are pollinated.

Why are cucumbers not pollinating?

Cucumbers are not pollinating due to poor weather conditions and the use of insecticides. Then cold and rainy weather during the flowering phase can reduce bee activity, resulting in inadequate pollination and poor fruit set. To prevent harming bees and other pollinators, insecticides should only be used in the garden when necessary.

What promotes maleness in cucumbers?

Gibberellic acid (GA) promotes the production of male flowers in cucumbers by activating an ethylene-dependent pathway. Then that influences the expression of several genes, including M (CsACS2), the ethylene receptor CsETR1, and ethylene-responsive transcription factors. 


Hopefully, you’ve cleared out why there are no male flowers on cucumber plant. The cucumber is a monoecious plant, meaning it has both male and female flowers.

It’s important to consider if your plant lacks male flowers. Successful pollination and a good harvest depend on a high number of male flowers in cucumbers. You can increase the production of male flowers by going through the solution and tips that have been provided in the article.

Happy gardening!

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