Know All About the Houseplant: ZZ Supernova Vs Raven

Keeping a beautiful houseplant is a wholesome feeling. If you’re a lover of foliage plants, ZZ Supernova and Raven would be great choices for you. However, you may remain indecisive about picking between them. 

That’s why I’ll give you an outline regarding ZZ Supernova vs Raven, which will help you to choose one.

In ZZ Supernova vs ZZ Raven, ZZ Supernova has beautiful dark green foliage whereas Raven’s foliage is dark purple which is almost black. The size of an adult branch of Supernova and  Raven is 30-40 cm and 50 cm respectively. Nevertheless, both of them belong to the Perennial family and the Araceae type. The measurements are 2-4 ft and 3 ft respectively.      

This is not the end. This article contains a rundown of every feature of these two plants in a descriptive manner. Also, a proper planting and caring guide have been provided. Hang tight on the article.   

ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven: Comparison of Common Features

ZZ Supernova and ZZ Raven are the same species. Supernova is identical to Raven and they are just different in form and variety.

These two pretty indoor plants possess some differences and similarities regarding their features. So before going to discuss the features in a detailed manner, we’ll have a brief look here.

Feature  ZZ Supernova  Raven 
Type  Perennial   Perennial 
Family  Araceae  Araceae (Ariod)
Foliage color  Dark green  Black with purple green hue
Root  Thick  Thick 
Mature size  2-4 ft tall  3 ft tall 
Height of an adult branch  30-40 cm  50 cm
Flower production  Very rare  Very rare 

ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven: Detailed Comparison

Now it’s time to explore them in a broader manner. In this way, you will be able to make an informed decision about which one to choose. So, without further ado, let’s shed light on the actual purpose. 

Comparison 1: Type of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

The type of Supernova and Raven is perennial. Both of them live for around two years. They’re able to survive through the winter and often return to grow and bloom again in the spring. They can be herbaceous occasionally. 

Comparison 2: Family of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

Family of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

Supernova and Raven both belong to the same family similar to the Rhaphidophora decursiva and tetrasperma household plants. The plants of this family, known as Araceae, contain a spadix, a long fleshy structure that is surrounded by a leaf-like bract called a spathe.  

Comparison 3: Foliage of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

Both of the plants are famous for their amazing foliage. Supernova has petite dark green foliage. Nevertheless, when the twigs are young, they remain green. A dark green color eventually emerges as the plant ages. The shape of the leaves is oval.

On the other hand, the foliage of Raven is dark purple which seems almost black. Actually, when you keep it in a room, it appears black because of its deep color. Also, the leaves have a glossy appearance and are elliptical in shape.   

Comparison 4: Root of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

The roots of Supernova and Raven are entirely thick. The thick roots of these plants help them to absorb more water and nutrients from the soil. 

Comparison 5: The Height of an Adult Branch of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

Adult Branch of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

A fully developed branch is able to produce flowers and fruits. Usually, the height of an adult branch of the Supernova plant is around 30-40 cm. Meanwhile, an adult branch of Raven can grow up to 50 cm.

Comparison 6: Mature Size of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

The mature size of a plant is typically determined by its genetics. But it can also be influenced by environmental factors such as the availability of light, water, and nutrients.

Usually, a fully grown Supernova is 2-4 ft tall. Whereas the height of Raven is a maximum of 3 ft.

Comparison 7: Flower Production of ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven

Though ZZ plants are well known as flowering plants. However, Supernova and Raven rarely produce flowers. They are basically popular for their wonderful foliage. So, if you want to get flowers, you should not go for any of them. 

Which One to Choose-ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven? 

For those looking for a small cute size plant for decorating your home, Supernova would be a perfect choice for them. Also, people who love green leaves and want to make a greenery scenario, go for it.  

Conversely,  people love black or deep and shiny leaves, so Raven would be the best option for them. Also, it comes with unique deep purple almost black color foliage. 

Planting And Maintenance Guidelines: ZZ Supernova Vs ZZ Raven 

If you do not take care of your plant properly, you can lose them immediately. It is essential that you take care of both plants equally. In order to provide them with the care they need, let’s discuss ways to do so.


Ideally, you should choose a room with south-facing windows where you will have bright, indirect light. Your plants’ leaves can be scorched by direct sunlight. Actually, Supernova likes bright light but lower light also works.

On the other hand, Raven also requires medium to intense indirect sunlight. However, they don’t mind bright sunlight, but should not be direct.   


Supernova prefers well-draining soil. Perlite or sand may be necessary for the soil to improve drainage for the Supernova.  Also, make sure the pot has a drainage hole.

To plant Raven, you can mix Peat Moss or Coco Peat, Perlite, and Vermicompost at a ratio of 3:1. Drainage holes should also be present on the bottom of your pot. It won’t help how well you prepare the soil if there are no drainage holes!


Frequent watering habits can rot your supernova. It doesn’t like heavy watering. So you should know how frequently to water the ZZ plant in different seasons. Once a month is fair enough for this plant. Just sprinkling water on the top is enough for them. When the soil is completely dry, water ZZ Supernova.

On the other hand, you should give water to your ZZ Raven plant once in 15-20 days. Never ever go over-watering. Because the stems can be rotten by doing so.

No matter how much water your Raven receives, if the soil retains too much water over a long period of time, it will damage the roots and encourage disease.

Temperature & Humidity:

You should keep ZZ Supernova between the temperature of 65 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, you need 50% of humidity. If you mist your ZZ Supernova plant with water or put it in a tray filled with water and pebbles, you can increase the humidity.

Nevertheless, ZZ Supernova plants can tolerate a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, which makes them suitable for most homes. If the humidity is too low, the plant may be more susceptible to pests and diseases, so if possible, maintain a moderate level.

On the other hand, ZZ Raven needs a temperature between 68 to 76 degrees Fahrenheit. ZZ Ravens might be able to be kept outside in a shady spot if you live in a temperate climate with mild winters. Ravens cannot survive temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, Ravens don’t require a special kind of humidity. They are happy regardless of the humidity level in your home.


Fertilizing the ZZ plants is necessary for the plants to thrive. For ZZ Supernova, you should fertilize the plant at least once with liquid fertilizer. You can also twice a month to ensure the proper growth of the plant. Make sure to use a balanced fertilizer which is 10-10-10 or 20-20-20.

On the other hand, go fertilize the ZZ Raven plant once a month. Always make sure to dilute the fertilizer with water. Mix 3-5ml of liquid fertilizer with one liter of water. This plant also requires a balanced fertilizer. 


Usually Supernova and Raven don’t need to be pruned regularly. However, you can remove yellowing or dying leaves from your Supernova and Raven plants by cutting them off at the base.

Hence, these procedures make your plants look better and diseases and pests will be prevented from spreading.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Are ZZ Plants toxic to humans?

Yes, Beautiful ZZ plants are considered toxic to humans. Each part of the plant is regarded as toxic. If accidentally you chewed or swallowed any part of the ZZ plant, your lips, mouth, tongue, or throat may swell and you may experience pain.

Can you have a ZZ plant in my bedroom?

Obviously, you can keep the ZZ plant in your bedroom. In fact, it’s the ideal option for decorating your room. In fact, NASA Clean Air Study has approved this versatile houseplant for removing air pollutants such as toluene, CO2, and xylene.

Can you propagate the ZZ plant?

You can easily propagate ZZ plants from stem cutting or offsets. You should choose a healthy stem with several leaves on it. Make sure that only the top few leaves are left on the stem cutting. Then, place the stem cutting into a well-draining soil pot and gently firm the soil around it.  


The debate between ZZ Supernova vs Raven is ongoing in the world of gardening. Actually, both of the plants possess the same family but they’re different in variety. 

The article discussed each part of the plants, ultimately the decision between the two comes down to your preferences. Make sure to follow our given tips. 

Best of luck!

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