5 Best Fertilizer for Hanging Baskets in 2022

It doesn’t matter if you’re planting plants inside fields or in hanging baskets- they need fertilization. But, things get a bit tricky when working on hanging baskets. And, why is that? 

Well, all types of fertilizers won’t work on them. And, over-fertilization can easily kill the plants on them. So, what is the best fertilizer for hanging baskets

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The best kind of fertilizers is the ones that are water-soluble and those that have a slower-release formula. But, there are quite some options in the market and the overall research process can exhaust you. 

Fret not! We’ve done the research and tested these products ourselves. Finally, it’s possible at creating this guide. Here, you’ll find everything there is to these fertilizers. 

So, let’s just begin- 

1. Jobe’s Hanging Basket

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Say hello to our most favorite product on this list. This one beat everyone in the competition, at least according to our eyes. Yes, we’re talking about the Jobe’s Hanging Basket Fertilizer Spikes. 

Guess what? It’s the only fertilizer spike on the list. And, that makes it special on its own. Let’s check out the rest of the features- 

The best thing about this fertilizer is the “no-mess application”. Yes, you won’t ever have to worry about mixing this with water and spraying them. In our eyes, this does save a bit of the hassle too. 

Another great thing is that you won’t even have to worry about smell or wasteful run-offs. These spikes don’t come with any of the problems like this. It just goes on and hits the roots of the plants for providing nutrition. 

But, how does the application process work? Well, you’ll just have to plant the spikes as close as possible to the roots. By doing this, the fertilizer will nurture the roots and promote healthy growth. 

On every sq root, plant in 8 spikes. This will start providing nutrients to the roots and promote healthy plant growth. So, overall, the process is actually quite easier. 

Now, let’s talk about the nutrients of these fertilizers. Here, the fertilizer contains a microorganism named Archaea. And, this microorganism breaks down the nutrients so that the soil can absorb them easily. 

That’s not all, however. It even improves the condition of the soil. Furthermore, it’ll keep the diseases and pests away from the growing seasons. So, the plants in the hanging baskets will live well throughout. 

Since it’s the first on the list, we could easily nitpick some features we don’t like. In this case, there’s no mentioned feeding time of the fertilizer. This means you’ll have to assume the feeding cycle and then work accordingly. 

Other than that, the fertilizer spikes do provide a lot of benefits to the table. And, it’ll be a great option for your hanging baskets. 

2. Osmocote Plant Food

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When it comes to variety and versatility, the Osmocote Plant Food packs a punch. Here, the formulated design of the plant food ensures that it provides nutrients to plants in different growing conditions.

Another impressive thing about this plant is that it comes with 11 important nutrients for your plants. So, they provide the plants with the necessary growth and blossom all the time. 

Plus, it even has a balanced NPK ratio of 14-14-14. So you’ll know that they provide balanced nutrients too. Enough of the unique features, let’s check out the rest- 

First off, the product provides 11 important nutrients. Here, the nutrients are boron, iron, manganese, copper, zinc, and other ones. These nutrients together provide better flower growth and good foliage. 

And, the balanced out NPK ratio provides nutrients from every corner. As a result, the plants in your hanging baskets get all sorts of nutrition. So, it’ll be a win-win situation easily. 

Moving on, another thing that impressed us. And, that’s the nutrition-coated granules. But, what do these granules do? Well, the granules have nutrients stuffed up inside of them. 

And, they have semi-permeable resins too. As a result of this covering, water can seep in easily and dissolve into the nutrients. By doing this, the product promotes water in the hanging baskets. 

Other than that, the manufacturers claim that they’ve put in a smart release formula in the products. This means the nutrients are released at a slower pace into the soils. 

Besides, more nutrients are released at warmer temperatures. So, the fertilizer can last upto 6 months in the plants. This time period is enough to promote and produce successful blooms all around. 

Now, if you’re thinking about the application process then let me break that down as well. Here, you’ll need to use 1 scoop per square foot. And, if you don’t have a scoop then go for three-tablespoon in 4 sq feet. 

Next up, you’ll need to mix the three inches from the top. And then, water them up on a regular basis. But, you’ll need to keep a caution. And, that is to not keep granules in contact with the plants. But, why? Well, it could cause some burns if you do that. 

Normally, it won’t cause burns in the plants of the hanging baskets. But, if you don’t follow the instructions then consequences will take place. 

But, there’s the thing that we don’t like about this product. Yes, it’s at the runner-up position for a reason. And, that is the presence of shells in the soils after usage. 

As the nutrients get absorbed in the soil from this product, the plastic shells are left behind. And, there’s no other way of clearing them than removing them manually. 

So, you’ll have to remove them yourself. Otherwise, they’ll be stuck inside the soil for a long time. And, many don’t like that at all. 

3. Voluntary Purchasing Group 10728 Plant Food

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Talk about a unique fertilizer formulation! The 3rd product in our list comes with a ratio of 20-20-20. Here, the NPK ratio of this plant ensures it provides fast and optimum growth for indoor and outdoor plants. 

And, yes, this NPK ratio is the standout feature of this product. There’s more, however. So, let’s check all the features out in detail- 

Along with providing faster growth, the product ensures that the plants absorb the fertilizers at a quick pace as well. So, the plants receive optimum absorption of the nutrients fast enough. 

Other than the unique NPK ratio, the fertilizer comes with a highly concentrated formula. And, what does that bring to the table? Well, the formula provides multiple benefits. First off, it allows the large blooms of the plants.

Next up, it helps at developing the green deep foliages too. And, if you’ve seen the NPK ratio then you’ll see that the ratio is balanced. So, your plants will get the right amount of nutrients that are needed for their development. 

These fertilizers are made for the hanging baskets and the containers. Because they come with an easy application formula as well. As a matter of fact, you won’t need to do anything. 

Just apply the granular substances and use two tablespoons of granules per gallon of water. By doing this, you’ll be applying the fertilizer on the hanging baskets. 

Another thing you’ll have to keep in mind is the re-application. As you know, fertilizers in hanging baskets need to be applied in 7-10 days. But, you can have some flexibility in terms of this product. 

While you don’t need to apply the fertilizers on a weekly basis, applying them every two weeks will do the trick. To be precise, go for applying the fertilizer every 10-14 days. As the application process is easier, that won’t be a problem. 

Even though it doesn’t have the versatility for the price, it’s still an affordable option. Then again, it comes in a zipper-locked bag. So, the overall product is secure all the time. 

But, heads up! It does have quite the stinky odor that we personally didn’t like that much. But, c’mon they’re fertilizers. And, they’re not supposed to smell the greatest. So, this could be a small trade-off if you think about it. 

4. Gardenersbud Super Compost Tea

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Bringing in a completely different product from the others- Gardenersbud Super Compost Tea. If you’re wondering what this is- it’s a compost coffee,  in simple terms.

But, it’s not like this product was brewed in the composting process for 8 whole months. It was diluted inside water and comes with a concentrated formula like the previous product. 

So, you can dilute them in water and water your plants by following a definite process. And, guess what? This product just isn’t like normal plant foods. Plus, it’s quite a lot different from the usual NPK ratio benefits.

Here, the product comes with organic compounds and particles. And, these compounds leach inside the soils and provide pathways for the nutrients. They even deliver the nutrients directly inside the roots of the plants. 

Apart from the organic compounds, these fertilizers provide macro and micronutrients to the plants. Plus, these nutrients aid the beneficial microorganisms and soil microbes as well. 

Add to that, the compost tea reduces every bit of chemical requirements as the plants get more of the nutrients. And, it works as an overall source of organic matter that’ll buffer the pH of the soil. 

Now, let’s talk about the application process. And, it’s as easy as it gets. Here, just spray the product over the leaves. This will wash the dust off and it’ll even provide a natural source of food for the microorganisms. 

By doing this, you’re keeping the leaves clean and even protecting the plants from different diseases. And, another best part about this product is that it provides plenty of the product. You can even receive upto 32-gallons of product from the bottle. 

In the end, the product is an excellent option for your hanging baskets as you can just spray over them. But, it does come with a slight warning. As the product contains microbes and bacteria, it could cause illness if consumed. 

So, you better keep some safety and caution around the product. And, ensure if the kids or pets don’t consume them in any way possible. 

5. Miracle-Gro Performance Plant Nutrition

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Even though we’re down to the last option, the results shocked us a lot. That’s why we’ve introduced it to our list. So, what’s so special about this one? Let’s find it out ourselves- 

The best thing about this fertilizer is that it’ll feed the plants instantly after the application. So, you don’t need to wait for the results to arrive. Plus, the fertilizer provides nutrition directly to the roots of the plants. As a result, the plants grow stronger. 

Speaking of the application process, the fertilizer is easy to apply. Here, you’ll have to measure the fertilizers firstly using a tablespoon. Then, go in and use a hose to spray the fertilizer. It’s that simple. 

And, if you want calculated feedback then let me break it down again. Start by measuring a large scoop. Then, add in two scoops by measuring them. Next, add 1-gallon water and spray it off. Here, one gallon can cover 10 sq feet easily. Continue like this. 

But, for the hanging baskets, you won’t have that much of a problem. So, measure the product and spray it inside your hanging baskets. 

As the product is made of natural ingredients only, they’re safe for your plants. And, they don’t even cause any harm to the surface as well. 

This fertilizer is designed for providing high-performance results easily. Here, the present micronutrients ensure that you’ll get the best results as fast as possible. 

As the application process is easy and simple, you won’t have a problem with the re-application process. Yes, you’ll need to apply them. But, you won’t have to do that on a daily basis. Take a weekly basis approach and that’ll work fine for ensuring nutrients. 

In the end, the product is easy to apply and provides tons of nutrients to your indoor plants. So, you can rely on this one when it comes to fertilizer for your hanging basket. 

Fertilizer for Hanging Baskets – Buying Guide

best fertilizer for hanging baskets

It’s got a bit confusing. 

Yes, we’re talking about the review section. As we’re about to end the article, a thought came up to our mind. We’ve shown you the best 5 baskets from the market. And, we’ve even tested them against 50 odd products too. 

So, this means, they’re the best in our eyes. And, when we put them up against each other, things could get confusing. 

As they maintain the price-quality ratio, you might not know what to get for yourself. Also, the added information could not be enough to differentiate the best one for your need. 

So, we’ve brought out this separate section. Here, you’ll know exactly what to expect. And, you can come forward and note the factors down. 

Thus, let’s just get into it and find them out ourselves- 

Nutrient Factor

Well, your plants need nutrients. That’s why you apply fertilizers to them, in the first place. So, before buying the fertilizers, check if they have the important minerals and nutrients in them. 

Thus, check if they have calcium, boron, and other important minerals in them. By ensuring these nutrients, your plants will blossom and bloom all the time. Plus, they’ll have fast and steady growth as well. 

The Right NPK Ratio

Normally, the right NPK ratio for the plants in the hanging basket is 1:2:1. But, if you notice, there were plants that came with a balanced out NPK ratio in our list. 

Well, just ensure that the fertilizer provides the right set of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium for your plants. By ensuring this factor, they’ll blossom well and have healthy growth altogether. 

Slow-Release Formula Vs Instant Release Formula

If you’ve noticed from our list then you would’ve seen that there are two types of formula for the fertilizers. One is the slow-release formula and the other one is an instant release one. 

What’s the exact difference between the two? 

Well, one releases nutrients at a slower pace and the other one releases the nutrients at an instant pace. 

And, guess what? Both have their benefits. The one that releases nutrients instantly can feed the plants at a fast pace as well. Whereas, the other one releases nutrients at a slow pace. 

This means, that the nutrients will last a long time in the soils and in the plants. So, it depends on your to decide which one you’ll want for yourself. 

But for the hanging basket plants, it’s better to go for the slower release formula. That’ll matter eventually. 

Application Process

The application process differs when you go for a different form of fertilizers. If you’re going for a liquid soluble fertilizer then you’ll need a bit of mixing before applying it to the soil. 

This could also create a bit of stink and smell eventually. Plus, it has some wasteful runoffs too if you didn’t know. This could be a hard task for beginners. 

Also, you’ll need to measure the granules and that could be a pain. Here, you could change your mind about the fertilizer spikes. These spikes are easy to use and have no stink or wasteful runoffs. So, you could give it a thought. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Do you need to feed your hanging baskets? 

Answer: Yes, you’ll need to feed the hanging baskets in order to provide nutrition to them. Here, you can use some fertilizers and plant nutrition food to ensure complete nutrition. 

Question: Is it possible to over-fertilize the hanging baskets? 

Answer: Yes, it’s quite possible to over-fertilize these baskets. If you’re over-fertilizing the baskets, the plants will overgrow and become root-bound. 

Question: How much should a hanging basket be fertilized? 

Answer: The best time period for fertilizing the hanging basket should be from 7-10days. This means you’ll need to fertile these baskets every 7-10days of fertilization. 

Question: Can I use polythene in hanging baskets as a liner? 

Answer: Yes, you can use polythenes in the hanging baskets as a liner. However, make sure that you’re piercing some holes inside the polythenes. These holes will take care of the drainage and not cause clogging of water. 

Final Words

Well, gardeners, that’s all from our end. Things were a bit off-track at the start. But, we’re hopeful that you’ve understood everything clearly. And, this means, you can easily purchase the best fertilizer for hanging baskets.

However, things could get confusing easily as the best 5 have some similarities in them. As all of them are the best and provide tons of benefits, you could get confused about the purchase. 

In this instance, check the buying guide section and note down the important buying considerations. This way, you can easily know what you’ll need and what you don’t. That’s about it, goodbye!

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