Black Beauty Grass Seed Review (Make Your Lawns Healthy)

Ah, that darkish-green lawn looks so great in movies! Well, you’d be amazed to see that it’s possible in real life too. That’s why you see gardeners running after the grass seeds. 

These seeds ensure that the lawns have a thick appearance. And, it looks great aesthetic-wise. But, it’s not about aesthetics only.

The grass seeds make the lawns healthy too. Especially it makes them drought-resistant and disease-resistant. 

That’s why we worked with the different gardeners for the past 3 weeks. Finally, we’re ready with our black beauty grass seed review. In this guide, you’ll see our take on the products we’ve tested. 

And, in the end, we’ll give some insights into the informative section that our research team has worked on. Even there are some answers to the frequently asked questions in the end. 

So, now, the comparison table is where you start- 

1. Jonathan Green 10323 Black Beauty Mixture

At A Glance

  • Size: 25 pounds
  • Product Type: Herbs
  • Soil Type: Clay Soil
  • Sunlight Exposure: Partial Sun
  • Style: Ultra Mixture
  • Covering Range: 10,000 sq ft.
  • Germination Period: 2 weeks

The first grass seed we have for you is from the brand- Jonathan Green. We’ve tested out 5 different products from the same brand. But, the 10323 Black Beauty Mixture is the one that came out on top. 

Tough to believe it beat out all the others on the list. Considering it comes at a higher price, it still brings a ton of benefits to our list that we just couldn’t ignore. 

Yes, it’s higher in price. But, that isn’t the unique factor of this grass seed. It needs the sun exposure of “Partial Sun”. That’s the unique thing about this product. This means you don’t have to expose it to the sun all the time. You can ensure partial sun by covering one side of the lawn. 

After you install this grass seed on your lawn, it’ll provide a waxy coating on top. This will ward off the diseases of the lawn at all times. Added to that, it’ll even work at preventing the moisture of the lawn. 

By preventing the moisture of the land, it comes with superior tolerance to drought. This will keep your lawn healthy and give off a shiny appearance. 

On the other hand, the grass seed contains the Tall Fescues and Kentucky species. So, the diversity of the species is there as well. 

Well, similar to the other grass seeds, this one also works at providing an elite shine to the garden. Here, it comes with the Perennial Ryegrass.

These species work at producing a darker-green color in the garden. As a result, there’s always a shine in the garden. 

This will take off the dullness and dryness of the lawn. Aesthetic-wise, the garden looks even better when there’s a shine going on it. 

After you plant these seeds on your lawn, they’ll resist the insects naturally. So, you can term these seeds as insect-resistant species. 

Besides this, the grass seeds grow well when you put them inside clay soil. And, it can grow well even on sandier soil. Just ensure that you’re providing partial shades. 

Even though many people don’t think about the maintenance factor, there’s plenty of factors here. You’ll need to maintain the seeds after throwing them on the lawn.

Otherwise, they won’t grow well. Also, ensure the healthy factors like- clay soil and partial sun. 

Other than that, the germination period for almost all the products is 14 days. But, it can vary according to the conditions too. Normally, it comes in a range of 10-14 days. 

It comes in a 25-pound size. And, yes, you’ll be able to cover almost 10,000 sq ft. This is a deal-maker as it’ll ensure that you can cover the largest of the gardens.

2. Jonathan Green 10610 Grass Seed Mixture

At A Glance

  • Size: 25 pounds
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Sunlight Exposure: Shade
  • Germination Period: 2 weeks

Another day, another grass seed from the brand- Jonathan Green. We’re talking about the 10610 grass seed mixture now. Heads up! This is a premium option, alright.

But, with a heavy price tag, comes a heavier responsibility. More on this statement down below-

You won’t find that many unique features considering these are from the same brand. But, this grass seed, in particular, grows well in dense shade. If you can manage this factor for your lawn, the grass seeds will grow well. 

Normally, the grass seeds have the requirement of a dense shade. So, if you’re trying to use partial shades for them, you won’t get the best results. 

Added to this factor is the fact that other seed mixtures could fail too in denser shades. So, you’ll need to read the requirements before even throwing in the grass seeds in the garden. 

Other than that, this grass seed comes with Endophytic Turfgrass. This is a variety that’ll deter insects naturally. So, similar to the previous product, this one too will ensure that insects don’t attack your lawn anytime. 

Speaking of the variety, you might wonder what kind of variety this product possesses! Well, it contains- “30% Dakota Tall Fescue”, “25% Carmen Chewings Fescue”, “15% Eugene Creeping Red Fescue”, “10% Frontier Perennial Ryegrass”, “10% Stanton Perennial Ryegrass”, and “10% Deepblue Kentucky Bluegrass”.

On the other hand, this does germinate faster at a rate of 2 weeks or so. This is a game-changer because you won’t have to wait for a long time. 

But, we’ll advise you to wait a couple of days after germination. The topsoil can get damaged easily. 

Other than that, after installing this grass seed, you’ll get that imminent shine all the time. Also, the lawns will look much better as they’ll get covered in a darkish tone. 

But, our only take is that it’s an expensive option. You know it, by now. So, the budget will matter a lot here. All gardeners won’t be able to afford this option, we get it. 

For the ones who have the budget, go for this option. It’s worth it. You’ll get all the benefits and features of top-end grass seed. The maintenance factors are almost similar. 

So, yes, definitely go for this one (if budget suffices). 

3. Jonathan Green 10315 Grass Seed Mix

At A Glance

  • Size: 25-Pounds
  • Soil Type: Clay Soil
  • Sunlight Exposure: Partial Shade, Full Sun
  • Germination Period: 2 weeks

Moving down the list, we’re going to talk about the 10315 option. It’s kinda similar to the previous product. But, it’s a lot cheaper.

So, if a budget was the issue on the last one, you can go home with this. But, there are some things that this product misses from the previous two. We’ll get to it below- 

Compared to other products in the list, this one takes a mixture of partial shade and full sun. Now, other products didn’t need this much surface preparation. The added feature means added care. This will take some time and effort if you ask me. 

Other than that, this would grow similar to the other options in the list. Like- 14 days of germination time and clay soil type is the best requirement for this one.

Also, it’ll ensure that the lawns provide resistance to different diseases and even drought. 

Whatever the case is, this product does make sure that your lawns are protected all the time. At the same time, it provides a greater yet darker shine to the lawn.

This makes the lawns look good and most importantly, it makes the lawn healthy as well. 

One thing we forgot to mention is that this grass seed can grow well even in the sandier soils too. So, that’s a plus! And, moisture prevention means that the chances of drought happening in your lawn are reduced to quite some extent. 

The thing that this grass seed differs from the previous is the percentage of species variety. It comes with 50% of “black magic turf tall fescue”, 25% of “tombstone turf tall fescue”, and 25% of “Tao’s turf tall fescue”. So, it’s quite different. And, the species variety makes these grass seeds versatile too. 

It’s a perennial grass. So, it’ll require maintenance, like the others. So, be sure that you provide the utmost care to this plant. Because that’ll keep this plant growing at all times. 

The nitpick that we have for this plant is that it doesn’t fill all the spots of the garden. Yeah sure, it’ll cover out the whole garden. But, there were some thin spots in the garden that we just couldn’t seem to ignore. 

4. Jonathan Green 10768 Grass Seed Mix

At A Glance

  • Size: 7 Pounds
  • Planning Period: Fall
  • Sunlight Exposure: Full Sun
  • Unit Count: 1 Count
  • Germination Period: 2 weeks

You’ll need to look at this product from an unbiased perspective. Because this is the first grass seed that doesn’t offer a 25-pound size.

Yes, it’s a bit smaller than the other products on this list. Perhaps this is why it falls a bit behind the others. Other than that, there’s a lot to talk about. Let’s check- 

It’s ideal for new-seeding of the lawns. And, the unique thing about this one is the size offering. It comes in a 7-pound size. No other product has this size. There, I said it! You’ll also need to ensure Full Sun exposure in this grass seed only.

That’s basically it. Nothing like the crazy maintenance in the last product. All you need to ensure is that you’ll tick off all the requirements needed for this product. That’ll be it, basically. 

Now, if you’re trying to plant these seeds in your lawn, the best time will be Fall. You’ll just have to wait for 2 weeks.

And, the topsoil will come out. Ensure that you don’t step over the seeds as the topsoil remains fragile and can break easily. 

There’s a fall mix formula in this grass seed. So, using it in the fall season will bring the best kind of results as well.

And, it doesn’t matter whether you have a new lawn or an established lawn, it’ll work both ways. So, it does allow you a ton of options. 

So, in the end, this is a great option too. Because it’s a lower size, you’ll need to buy more of this. But, hey, the manufacturers have reduced the price for this reason. 

But, the lower price does take away a lot of benefits. Still, we believe it could be worth it considering the lower time of germination and easier application. Another bonus is the lower maintenance effort and time. 

5. Jonathan Green 12002 Grass Seed Mix

At A Glance

  • Size: 3 Pounds
  • Product Type: Herbs
  • Sunlight Exposure: Partial Shade
  • Number of Pieces: 1
  • Covering Range: 750 sq ft.

Done with all the Black Beauty Grass Seeds in this list. Before ending this list, however, let’s talk about the 12002 Grass Seed Mix.

We’ve seen a lot of products from the Jonathan Green brand. This one too follows a lot of similarities. 

However, the unique factor is that this is a small product. It comes in a size of just 3 pounds. This means the herb-type product won’t go a long way when it comes to larger gardens. Yeah sure, you can buy more of these grass seeds. But this option can cover around 750 sq ft of area. 

Other than that, it contains somewhat similar characteristics to the other products in this list. Like a partial shade is what this product will grow the best at. 

Also, the clay soil is what the grass seeds grow the best in. So, before installing the grass seed on your lawn, make sure you have all these requirements ensured. 

On the other hand, this grass seed comes with these varieties intact. It even provides wider adaptability too. The mixture that we were talking about comes in a shade and sun mix. 

After you install this grass seed in the garden, it’ll take around 2 weeks. Now, this is the same as the other germination times. So, this is a great thing. Even though it’s the last option, no sacrifices are made here. 

When the grass seeds grow, however, it’ll provide a darker greenish color. And, yes, the lawn will be filled with a darker color. This will make the lawn appear nicer. Also, there won’t be any thinner spots on the lawn as well. 

The added thickness inside the lawn makes it look fuller as well. Other than that, this option comes with Endophyte too. The presence of this ensures that the lawn has 100% insect resistance. 

This amount of insect resistance and disease resistance is perfect for your lawn. As a result, the lawn will appear healthy and disease-free all the time. 

Now, we love this product for another reason. And, that’s the budget factor. This product is the most affordable option on the list. 

As a result, you get to save a bit of cash. Compared to the others, it does offer quite a lower price. And, the best thing is that it won’t sacrifice much of the benefits like the other lower-end products. So, you could consider this an option.

How to Plant Grass Seed in Lawn?

black beauty grass seed review

Now that you know what grass seeds need to be planted, let’s check out how you need to plant them. We’ve prepared the step-step guideline for you only- 

Step 1: Select Grass Seed

That’s the starting point. You’ll need to first select your favorite grass seed brand. Check our review section to learn more. 

Only then can you proceed with the following steps. 

Step 2: Surface Preparation

First things first, you’ll need to loosen the soil and remove all the debris. 

Now, you’ll need to break down the soil clumps. But, make sure you don’t take larger clumps here. Also, too thin clumps of soil won’t be a good choice too. 

Next, you’ll need to level the areas where excess water could cause overflowing. Lastly, you’ll need to use a better weed killer. 

Step 3: Plant the Grass Seed

First off, spread seeds evenly on all the areas. Here, you can use your hands. But using mechanical seeders could be a great option too if you’re working on larger areas. 

In the per square inch, add at least 16 seeds together. But don’t add in all the seeds together as they won’t have enough space to grow. As a result, the grass here would be thinner. 

Step 4: Cover Seeds and Water Them

Cover the seeds by dragging the soil. So, the seeds will be able to retain the moisture. And they’ll even be in place.

For retaining moisture, you’ll need to water on a frequent basis. This will just do the trick as the grass won’t dry out. 

Surface Requirements: Everything Needed to Know

Well, you’ll need to prepare your surface. But, easier said than done! However, if you can follow an easier guideline, the work will be done quite easily. 

Starting off, you’ll need to first maintain some of the requirements. For the brand we’ve discussed, you’ll need to ensure proper “sun exposure”. 

By this, I mean that you’ll need to ensure partial shade, full shade, or even a full shade. Whatever the case is, not ensuring the proper sun exposure will cause problems in growth.

Other than that, you need to ensure the soil type. Clay soil or sanding soil is better for the grass seeds. 

Also, wait for the germination to stop. It’ll take around 10-14 days. That’s pretty much it!  

Budget Factor: How Much?

Now, you know that grass seeds are expensive. You’ll need to decide your budget. After all, this is quite an important step. We believe planning it out will help you in the long run. 

Normally, grass seeds are expensive. But, hey, gardening is an expensive hobby, according to many people. 

That said, there are affordable options. You’ve seen it on this list already. But the problem is, the affordable ones do miss out on some heavy features. Also, the sizes of the affordable ones are smaller than the premium ones. 

This causes a heavier problem for you. Here, you’ll need to decide what needs to be done. So, if the budget is not a problem, sure, go for the expensive ones. But, there are affordable options too. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is investing in a black beauty grass seed worth it? 

Answer: Yes, if you’re investing in a black beauty grass seed, it’ll be worth your time. The grass seeds are one of the most superior lawn seeds you can find today. These are genetically made for providing an ultra-strong root system that’ll come with a depth of 4-inches. It’ll even provide a darkish-green color to your lawn.

Question: What’s the optimum time for the black beauty grass seeds to grow?

Answer: The optimum/correct time for germination of the black beauty grass seeds is around 2 weeks (14days). 

Question: What are the types of grass seed you’ll find in Black Beauty?

Answer: In Black Beauty, you’ll find “Tall Fescue Grass” types. This type of grass takes around 14 days to germinate and is normally cool-season grass. 

Question: Will the Black Beauty grass seeds spread? 

Answer: Yes, the grass seeds will spread. That’s why you’ll need to apply half of these seeds in a singular direction (north-south). Then, start right from the opposite direction (east-west) in order to get the benefits. You can even spread phosphorus seeds at this time to get the best results. 

Question: Do the grass seeds require additional care when you’re throwing them on the lawn?

Answer: Yes the grass seeds will grow if you just throw them in the lawn. That said, they won’t grow properly if you don’t do any bit of surface preparation and maintenance. 

Question: Is it possible to walk on grass seeds?

Answer: Yes, it’s possible to walk on the grass seeds. But, you shouldn’t walk on the grass seeds after planting them. You’ll have to wait for around 2 weeks. Walking on the grass seeds right after planting them would cause the topsoil to get damaged. 

Final Words

Folks, it’s the end for you! We had quite the fun researching and gathering out the results after the experimental testing. But, everything must end! Here, we have to say goodbye. 

You’ve seen our black beauty grass seed review. Now, you know what you do or not. We’ve prepared a review of the products. And, we’ve even provided the informative sections. 

That’s why we’d like to say- choose your product. Because you know what you’ll need. Adios!

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