Fall Gold VS Anne Raspberry: Which One Should You Pick?

Growing a raspberry plant is never easy, neither is choosing the right variant to grow. As there are many varieties available, each with its pros and cons, just like fall gold and Anne raspberries.

So, which one to pick between Fall Gold Vs Anne Raspberry?

Anne raspberries have a sweeter, tropical taste whereas Fall Gold has a sweet and tart taste. Also, Anne raspberries are a bit larger than the Fall Gold. Their canes have fewer thorns whereas the canes of fall gold are thorn-covered. However, fall gold is more cold-tolerant than Anne. 

Well, that is not all! You will require more details in order to pick the ideal one between the two. Keep reading to make a better decision. 

Fall Gold VS Anne Raspberry: a Quick Overview 

When it comes to comparing fall gold vs Anne, a number of factors should be considered. These factors distinguish one from the other.

Well, nothing too complex like figuring out the difference between zz supernova vs raven.

Factors like their size, taste, heat and cold tolerance, suitable climate zones, price, etc will be compared here.

Differentiating Factors Fall Gold Anne
Fruit Size & Shape Medium to large, Heart shaped Large, Flat dome- shaped
Fruit Taste Sweet, juicy, and tart Very sweet,

tropical, like apricot

Cold Tolerance  Up to -25 F -15 to 20 F
Color Golden yellow Pale yellow
Ripening Season June or July Late August to October
Hardiness Zone 3 to 10 Zones 4 to 9 Zones
Canes Upright 


Less to no throne
Price  $19.92 per cane $19.95 per cane

Fall Gold VS Anne Raspberry: A Detailed Comparison 

In this portion, I am going to discuss each of the factors in a detailed, easy-to-grasp manner. That way, it will be easier for you to weigh down your options, decide and pick one according to your requirement.

Size and Shape:

Size and Shape
Source: Anne Raspberry

Fall gold raspberries are heart-shaped and can range from medium to large. And the Anne raspberries tend to be flat dome-shaped and are larger in size. 

Also, when it comes to size, Anne raspberries are known to be one of the largest Raspberries. Each fruit can weigh up to 2.4 grams. On the other hand, a fall raspberry can be large but not more than Anne raspberries.  


Fall gold raspberries are golden yellow whereas Anne raspberries tend to be paler yellow.

Both Anne and fall gold are yellow raspberries, sometimes it can be difficult for us to differentiate between the two. 

There is a slight color difference that distinguishes one from the other.

If you see the orange to golden or orange-ish hue, you will know it is the gold fall one.On the other hand, Anne raspberries tend to be pale yellow. Way lighter than fall gold raspberries.


Though both Anne and fall gold raspberries are yellow and of ever-bearing type, you can find a significant distinction in their taste.

Anne raspberries are known as one of the sweetest raspberries there is. Being firmer and smoother in texture they are hailed as the best-tasting berries. They have the usual tropical taste where you can find hints of apricot.

Anne raspberries go well with jams, tarts, salads, etc.

On the other hand, Fall gold raspberries tend to be very flavourful with a mixed taste of sweet and tart. The inside texture is a bit lighter and fluffier than the Anne raspberries.

Due to their sweet and tart-y taste, the gold fall raspberries are added to cereals to liven them up. They also go well with pies, juices, etc.

Cold Tolerance:

Cold Tolerance
Source: Fall Gold

Fall gold raspberries have slightly more tolerance than Anne raspberries.

Cold tolerance is one factor that determines how well a plant will survive in your area regardless of the weather.

Both of the varieties have very good cold tolerance and they are both cold-hardy. They can easily thrive in frozen cold areas.

As for anne raspberries, the plants can survive in a temperature of – 15 to 20 F.

And the fall gold raspberries have the ability to survive in a temperature of up to – 25F or more.

Ripening Season: 

Fall gold raspberries tend to ripen during the months of June to July. And anne raspberries tend to ripen starting from Late August to October.

Hardiness Zones: 

Fall gold raspberries belong to hardiness zones of 3 to 10 and Anne raspberries belong to hardiness zones of 4 to 9.

That means both types of raspberries can survive in the chilled areas with minimum temperature which is zone 4 as well as the hottest, most tropical region which is zone 9.


Fall gold raspberry plants have canes that are upright and mostly covered with thorns. Whereas the anne raspberry types have canes that are smoother when compared to fall gold. And also, they contain lesser to no thorns.

Some even contain so much thorn that leads to problems like fruits growing only on the top. Much similar to the problem of clematis flowering only on the top.


In terms of price, both of the types cost pretty much the same.

Fall gold type costs $19.92 per cane and Anne costs $19.95 per cane. So, price is not an issue if you want either of them.

Fall gold type costs
Source: Fall Gold

Fall Gold VS Anne Raspberry: Which One Should You Pick? 

Hope you have already gone through the comparison between fall gold vs anne raspberry. 

Now it is time to choose one.

As you could see above, none can be labeled better or worse than the other. There are certain differences between both. So, it is just a matter of your choice. 

If we compare their size, Anne raspberries tend to be a bit larger than the gold fall ones.

Although both of them have very good cold tolerance, Fall gold is a bit ahead in the game in this case. However, they are even more tolerant than many outdoor winter plants.

However, the canes of fall gold vines tend to be covered with thrones. Whereas there are lesser thrones in Anne raspberries and sometimes there are none. So, If you are planning to grow raspberry vine this is one thing to keep in mind.

Finally, they both are quite distinctive when it comes to taste.

If you want sweeter fruit with tropical flavor that also has a hint of apricot, go for anne raspberries.

And if you want raspberries that are less sweet and have a tangy, tart-y taste to them, then gold fall raspberries would be the one for you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): 

Can you grow fall gold raspberries in containers?

Yes, it is very much possible to grow raspberries in containers. It is suitable if you have poor garden soil or small garden space. One of the advantages you get from it is, the container is movable. So, you can easily place that in any corner of your house that provides the best sunlight. 

Are golden raspberry leaves edible?

No, golden raspberry leaves are not edible. You should not eat the raspberry leaves directly off the plant. It can be dangerous and lead to stomach issues. However, the raspberry leaves can be used to make herbal tea. The tea is made by infusing the raspberry leaves in boiling water.

Can you eat raspberries every day?

Yes, raspberries can be consumed every day. They are great for boosting the energy levels of your body. Along with that, raspberries are known to improve the immune system. Researchers found that daily consumption of raspberries is linked to reducing the risk of getting cancer.

Wrapping Up 

Hope now you have a clear idea of the difference between fall gold vs anne raspberry.

As you saw, both types have some advantages and disadvantages. So, it is up to you to choose. However, weigh down all the factors provided in the article yourself first. Then decide from there- which one suits your needs the best.

That was all as for today. Have a good day ahead!

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