Why Are My Sunflower Petals Falling Off (Reasons + Solutions)

Oh no, your sunflower plant’s petals are falling off! Have you ever had that scare and didn’t know what to do? Well, we’ve had that problem too. So we come bearing the reasons for this. And how to prevent it from happening.

So, why are my sunflower petals falling off?

sunflower petals falling off

This is because they have reached their maturity period. And now your plant is ready to mature its seeds. You’ll then have to protect the plant so they can ripen the seeds in peace. Moreover, your plant might be underwatered. Or even there might be some pest problem. 

Well, this might’ve piqued your interest to the max. So hurry up! Jump into our detailed segment to know more about these.

Why Are My Sunflower Petals Falling Off (Explained)

Your beloved little sunflower plant bloomed a couple of days ago. But you’re noticing that the petals are falling off so what to do.

Reasons #1: It Might Be The Sunflower’s Natural Lifecycle

You notice that the plants are facing downwards. But it’s only been two weeks since the flower bloomed. Soon enough you notice that the petals start falling. Well, don’t be scared. Let’s see why this is happening now.

To start off, your plants are right on schedule. This is their natural process of growing. These flowers don’t last that long after they bloom. You’ll probably have around 20 days before they start falling. 

This happens because after they bloom, they lose their ability to follow the sun. When that happens, the flowers start to droop. At this point, these flowers are ready to mature their seeds. 

What Should I Do After The Petals Fall Off?

Well, after all the petals have fallen, you can cut the flower and dry the seeds. First, you’ll need to cover the plants with some sort of insect screen. This will protect the seeds from the birds.

Now, wait for 2-3 weeks for the flower to dry out completely. When the back of the head starts to turn yellow, you can cut the head off. Take 4 to 6 inches of the stalk and cut it. 

After that, remove all the petals if any are left. Rub the individual flowers off of the seeds. Remove any grub infestation you see on the seeds. If you see any, cut it off!

Now place your flower in a warm dry place facing downwards. This will allow them to dry out thoroughly. 

In about 2 to 3 weeks the flower will completely dry off. Now you can take out the seeds. For this, you need to push the seeds out of the flower. 

Once you take the seeds out, dry them out properly before you store them. You can use these seeds for your next plantation. Or you can even make delicious dishes with the seeds

Reasons #2: Your Sunflowers Might Be Underwatered

This is another reason why your petals might be falling off. Your petals as well as the leaves might be wilted. This is an indication of a dehydrated plant. 

Although these plants can handle a certain level of drought. But to grow in good health, you need to water your plants on schedule. 

These sunflower plants require a lot of water compared to other plants. This is because they contain a lot of natural oils.

How Much Should I Water My Plant?

In the case of an under-watered plant, water at least 1.5 liters each day. Or as much it takes to keep the top layer moist. After a week, water a little more than a liter of water every day. Basically, your plant will need about 8 liters of water every week.

However, during the growing period only water only an inch of the plant. That too per week, not every day. By the end of the week, at least 6 inches of your soil will be fully moist.

Reasons #3: Your Plant Might Have Bugs In Them

At times, even bugs can harm your plant. This might cause your flower to lose its petals. Bugs like beetles, cutworms, borers, moths, grasshoppers can severely damage your plant. Thus you need to keep your plants safe from them.

How To Get Rid Of The Bugs

Controlling these pests is all about prevention. You need to clean the weeds around the plant. As these bugs gather around them. And cleaning them will keep the bugs away. You can also plant your plant late in June or July. This will also reduce the problem.

Moreover, you can use organic insecticides on the plants. These are safe to use on your plants and will keep your plant healthy. Moreover, as a quick solution, hose down your plant once every week. 

If you need suggestions in finding the right kind of insecticide, we got you!  Here are a few options for you to choose from:

These will work amazingly with your plant. They’ll also keep them healthy.

This is basically what you have to do after your petals fall off.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: When should I cut off my sunflower heads?

Ans: Well it depends. You can cut it when the back of your flower is yellow. Do this when you’re cutting the stem off to dry it. But if you want to dry the seeds in the stem then do this. Cut it when the back of the flower is brown.

Q: In which season does sunflower grow?

Ans: You can sow the seeds between January to June for flowering. That is, plant it during the summer and rainy seasons. With a mix of fertilizer, they’ll grow strong and healthy between July and October!

Q: Should you prune sunflowers?

Ans: Yes, you should definitely trim your flower’s leaves and stem. You should cut the perennial sunflowers by one-half during spring. And then cut them again to remove the excess during mid to late summer. Avoid pruning when the flower buds start coming out.

Bottom Line

Lastly, we’d like to say that your beloved sunflowers will be okay. Sunflower petals falling off is a part of their process.

Therefore, keep taking care of your plant as you do. And they’ll stay happy and healthy!  

Until next time, take care!

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