When to Remove Seedlings from Heat Mat? (Answered Properly)

Every indoor gardener has to rely on some advanced technology to grow their plants properly. The heat mat is one of the technologies that help to grow plants even in the winter.

But it’s best to use the mat properly to avoid harming your seedlings. 

So, when to remove seedlings from heat mat

You should only keep the heat mat on for about 24 hours. Within that time, the seed propagation process will be complete. Because the heat from the mat will be evenly provided. As a result, you’ll see sprouts coming out. After you have seen this, you need to turn your heating mat off. Otherwise, the plant will die even before growing. 

This is barely enough info for you. That’s why we’ve mentioned every little detail about this topic. We’ve even mentioned how to use this heating mat properly. 

So, let’s check them out!

Why Should You Use a Seedling Heat Mat?

Growing a plant at your home is quite difficult. You won’t be able to get much out of the seeds in indoor conditions. So, you have to be a bit smart. 

Especially during the winter season, indoor gardeners have to be careful. Because without enough heat seedlings and plants will surely suffer. 

For example, there will be a lack of plant enzyme activity along with stunt growth. And if you plant seeds during this time, there’s a high possibility they won’t grow properly. 

But that’s where the heat mat comes in to solve the issue. Because this mat is designed to provide the heat the seeds need to germinate. 

However, you have to use the heat mat accurately. Or else, instead of good results, you’ll end with the bad one. 

How Long Should You Leave Your Heat Mat On?

when to remove seedlings from heat mat

When is it time to turn off the heat mat?- is a super common concern of new users of this mat. 

Well, it’s considered to only keep the mat on for 24 hours. The propagation process should be completed by then. 

After turning on the mat, the heat will be provided continuously for 24 hours. So, there are no intermittent on or off operations. The heat mat will provide up to 86 degrees Fahrenheit heat evenly and consistently. 

Now, the question is how to know the propagation process is done? 

Well, you’ll see that green sprouts are coming out of the soil bags. Furthermore, you’ll later observe leaves forming from these sprouts as well. 

This is the time when you have to stop providing the seedling heat. Otherwise, you’ll end up killing the seedlings. Because the soil and roots will dry up and so will the leaves. Thus, you’ll end up with weak seedlings. 

How to Use Seedling Heat Mat properly?

Now, let’s get to the important point. You need a good plan for growing your seeds into plants. Just follow our instructions and you’ll be all good-

Step 1: Select the Grow Room

Before anything, you’ll have to pick a perfect room for growing the seeds. It should have the proper insulation. Because that way the mat will have a helping hand in keeping the seedlings warm. 

Haven’t insulated your grow room yet? Here are a few suggestions regarding the insulating foam-

Just grab any of these products to get started!

Step 2: Get the Right Size Heat Mat

Now, heat mats are available in different sizes. Which size should you get? 

Well, the size you need depends on the plant you’ll grow. We suggest you go with indoor plants that are easy to grow and maintain.

Furthermore, it’ll also depend on what you’re using to grow the plants. Are you using a container, pot, or tray?

Decide on your heat mat while keeping these in mind. 

Here are some heat mat recommendations-

These heating mats will surely provide the best results! 

Step 3: Turn on the Heat Mat 

Now that you have the mat and planted the seeds, let’s start the real work. Firstly, place the container or tray with the seeds above the mat. 

Then if you have a thermostat box controlled by heat, plug your mat into it. The thermostat will later plug into your wall. If there’s no thermostat, just plug your heat mat directly into the wall. 

But having a thermostat box is always helpful. So, here are some suggestions-

After the mat starts providing the heat, make sure to monitor the process. And that’s it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does seedling need a heat mat after their germination?

Answer: The answer is no. You don’t have to provide heat once the seeds have sprouts coming out. Because too much heat will ruin your hard work. The seedlings will turn dry and weak. 

Question: What is an inexpensive alternative to a heat mat?

Answer: You can use a hot towel. Just damp the towel first. Then microwave it at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 5-10 minutes. After that, wrap it around the pot or place it under the tray. 

Question: What to use instead of a heat mat?

Answer: A fluorescent light is the best alternative to a heat mat. The temperature of the light is around 70-75 degrees Fahrenheit. This is enough to support the propagation process. 


Well, that was all there is on when to remove seedlings from heat mat. We hope now you know what to do. 

But don’t forget to take care of the seedling afterward. Make sure to follow the basic seedling growing rules. 

Good luck!

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