Why Are My Daffodils Falling Over (All Reasons Explained)

Daffodils are extremely beautiful. It’s a  treat to your eyes to see a garden full of vibrant daffodils. 

So if they by any chance start to flop, that can be very frustrating. But if you can detect the reasons behind it, you can solve the problem too. 

So, why are my daffodils falling over

Daffodils can fall over because of the weather conditions. Heavy rain, stormy wind, and snowfall- everything can harm them. Moreover, if you fail to place the daffodil bulb correctly, it’ll cause problems. Plant the daffodils 12-18 inches deep. Lastly, make sure your soil condition is optimum for their growth. 

That was just an outline. You need to know more things about flopping daffodils before solving them. Hence, stick with us till the end. We’ve got more for you.  

Are My Daffodils Actually Falling Over? 

why are my daffodils falling over

Well, this is an important point. As there are some variants of daffodils that have drooping flowers by nature. 

For instance, Narcissus lore, which resembles the Greek myth-based character Narcissus. They look into the ground just the way narcissus looked into his reflection. 

So, basically, these daffodils are falling over naturally, not due to other reasons. Moreover, there are some species that flop over for some days naturally. 

They get back to their usual form after a week or two by themselves. You just need to continue the regular care routine for them. They don’t need special treatment for falling over. 

Why Are My Daffodils Falling Over and What to Do?

If your daffodils aren’t of those species that flop over naturally. Then you must take care of it. Hence, their gloomy and flopped flowers can be really frustrating for anyone. 

So, what are the reasons behind it? Well, the number of probable reasons are quite a few. Here we’ve listed some of them. Let’s jump right into them-

Reasons 1: Heavy Rain and Storm

So, weather conditions like rain and storm can cause your daffodils to flop over. Heavy rain and storms can cause your daffodils to become weak. 

Hence, it becomes tough for them to carry the heavily weighted flower. So, eventually, they start drooping. 

Moreover, high temperatures can be an issue as well. If the temperature reaches around 50 degrees Fahrenheit, daffodil stems can stretch back. As a consequence, it’ll flop over.


Try to make shades for your daffodils during the monsoon. They’ll protect the plants from heavy rain and intense storms. So, the flowers won’t flop over easily. 

If the temperature gets higher, moisturize your plants regularly. You can spray water on them to keep them cooler. This will save them from stretching their stem. 

Reasons 2: Extreme Snowfall 

Excessive snow falling affects the daffodils in the same way as heavy rainfall. Mostly, the late-season snow can easily knock down the flowers. 

Also, at times snow recedes the blossom. And the plant can’t get taller or carry the weight of the flower. 


Arrange a temporary shade for your daffodils during the snow season. It’ll save them from the direct harm of fallen snow. 

Reasons 3: Planting Depth 

If you fail to plant the plant to the recommended depth, it can affect it. Planting them too deep can cause the shoots to not reach the surface. 

On the other hand, if you plant them shallowly they will get flipped over easily. Hence, planting them in the right depth is needed. 


The recommended depth is 12 to 18 inches. Anything lower or higher than this range can create problems. 

Moreover, the placement of the daffodils has some effects as well. So try to maintain a 6 to 8 inches distance between the daffodils. 

Reasons 4: Soil Condition and Fertilizer

Overly fertilized soil can be harmful to your plants. They can cause the flowers to flop over even. Also, to ensure proper soil condition put a 6 inches layer of topsoil. 


Try to fertilize your plants according to a routine. So that they don’t get over-fertilized. About the topsoil, you can consult an expert and buy it from the store. So, no confusion will arise about it. 

With this, we’ve reached the end of this post. Now that you know what can be the possible reasons for daffodils falling. Try the solutions one by one. They should help you get your healthy daffodils back.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How often should I water daffodils?

Answer: You should water your daffodils once a week for the initial three months. Then you can stop watering them during the spring. They can live on their own unless it’s very dry and drought-like weather. If needed you can moisturize it once a month. 

Question: Should you put daffodils in water?

Answer: If you’re planning to put daffodils with other flowers then it’s best to put them in water. This flower has some toxic ingredients in it that can affect the adjacent flowers. Hence, putting it in water beforehand will help it to release toxins. So let the cut stem soak in clean water overnight. 

Question: What to do with daffodils when they die off?

Answer: When they die off at the end of the season, just keep them intact. Daffodils are bulbs so their foliage can get back naturally. All their energy will be stored inside the bulb and it’ll get revived the next year. So just let them be and they’ll eventually bloom again the next year.


So, we’ve finally reached the end of the post. Hope this helps you to find your answer to why are my daffodils falling over.

So, treat your flopped daffodils accordingly, they’ll bounce back to their original form again. 

Our best wishes to you. Happy gardening! 

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  1. I planted daffodils and tulips 3 years ago. The first year they both came up. The next year only the daffodils. We live in the forest and someone said the animals eat the tulips but as you said above, the daffodils are poisonous and so they’re not eaten. True? Is there some way to plant both together? Thank you for the advice of what to do if the daffodils fall over. Can I dig up the bulb and plant it deeper?

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