Aerify Plus Review (Hardened Soil’s Remedy)

Suffering from hardened soil that just won’t let your plants grow? Well, you are not the only one on this planet.

You see, a few days ago we were also facing the same problem. But with the help of a little, Aerify plus that was all gone.

So, we decided to help you guys out by sharing our own version of Aerify plus review. This might be the one thing that will clarify yours about what this is and what benefits you will get from it.

Now, only after going through the review, will you be able to decide whether it is the right fit for you or not.

And trust us, we have gone into detail with the review so all your questions and queries will be answered in this segment.

But since reviews are rarely enough to answer everything we decided to add an info segment. There we have answered all of the common questions that you have along the way.

So, without any further ado let’s get started with the guide-

What Is Aerify Plus?

aerify plus reviews

Now, some of you folks out there might be thinking about what is aerify plus. You might have heard about mechanical aeration and might have done it yourself but what even is aerify plus?

Well, simply put it is kind of like a conditioner for your lawn. You see, when the soil gets compact or hardened you can call in a favor from the good old aerify plus to loosen it up for you.

This way, your plants will grow up to be quite healthy. And your plantation problem will be as good as gone.

Now, remember this is actually liquid aeration. So, don’t expect anything with heavy machinery and big weapons. It is simply a container that contains some liquid conditioner for your lawn.

Unlike the conditioner we use on our head this one can be a bit costly. So, before you hop in your car and get yourself a liquid aerify plus let’s investigate it a bit-

Aerify Plus Review

In order to ensure an honest review, we bought a few gallons of aerifying plus experimented on our own lawn. Now, we were a bit skeptical about the whole thing just the way you might be but the result was actually astonishing.

Here’s what we found out about aerify plus-

1. Pricing Factor

Before we dive in too deep about the product itself we would like to clear out about the pricing. The price is quite reasonable if you ask us.

Now, we will state that since there is no need for machines or extra tools. So, the prices do become quite affordable. Thus, without the need to buy anything extra other than a garden hose you will be saving quite a bit.

2. Usability Sector

We will agree to one thing. Before actually using the aerify liquid we thought that it would be quite difficult to use. Our thoughts were that liquid aerification requires a lot of patience, time, and even effort. But we were wrong!

The whole process of applying liquid aerify is quite easy. You can do it yourself in a matter of minutes. There are only a few steps that you need to follow. Besides, even if you are a newbie this shouldn’t be a big challenge for you.

3. No Tools Needed

Now, what makes this whole thing easy is the fact that you won’t be needing any extra tools from your toolbox. That means you will be saving quite a bit of money. But that also cuts down the whole process for you.

Plus, there is no mixing needed or anything. You can use it right away with your gardening hose. Yep, it is actually that easy. And the funniest thing is we would have never known it was this easy if we hadn’t tried it for ourselves.

4. Result Time

Be aware of one thing. Once you are done applying the aerify plus you won’t see any magical change right away. You see, the process of loosening your lawn is quite a long and tedious process.

So, you have to give some time before you actually start seeing results. But how long will this take?

Typically you will start to see slow progress after a week. But the whole course takes 45 to 60 days. Now, if you want to see some prominent change you might have to wait for 2 months.

However, the timing can be less for you if your soil is a bit less compact than ours. You see, the results will vary from one lawn to another.

5. Aftermath Of the Soil

Once the aerify has fully spread its magical power into your lawn you will start seeing that the soil is loosening up. On top of this, the aerify plus will also add some beneficiary nutrition to your soil.

Thanks to all that, your plants will be able to grow on the soil in a healthy state. You will find that the stunted plants have started to grow again, humus will start growing on your lawn, and the dead plants will sprout new roots.

All of these are possible because the aerify plus ensures that air, water, and nutrition can directly reach the end of the soil. You see, the hardened soil doesn’t allow all of these essentials to reach the inside of the soil.

And that is why you see the poor condition of the plants. However, aerify plus can solve this issue and make your lawn healthier and greener.

6. Areas That Needs Improvement

Like everything, even the aerify plus isn’t perfect. Now, we did find a few flaws. And the number one issue that we had was with the sprayer.

Sometimes, it gets a bit too sturdy to work with. Meaning they won’t spray out the liquid that easily. They might even get clogged up and that can create some problems.

We simply wished that it clicked onto the handle and the selector could be made easier to turn. One more thing that we wish was that it would work instantly.

Now, this is something that quite isn’t possible because we know it takes time to heal the hardened grounds. But we wish that it could do its magic right away. Would have loved it!

In Short

To conclude, liquid aeration ain’t a bad thing to invest in. They will slowly ensure that the grounds loosens over time. However, you need to have the patience to get that end result.

But what makes it worth it is that it isn’t quite hard to apply the aerify plus. So, it saves quite a ton of energy.

What Problems Does Aerify Plus Solve?

Among the many things that aerify plus does it ensures that the hardened soil gets loosened up. But how does it do this?

Well, this liquid aeration contains substances that can penetrate deep into the soil. After that substance goes inside the tightened soil they break the tightened soil particles.

Because of this air and water can finally go inside the soil. Now, your plants were dying or their growth was stunted because they didn’t get the necessary ingredients needed to grow healthily.

But that’s not all. You see, the hardened soil doesn’t even let nutrition go inside the soil. They trap them. Thus, your soil lacks nutrition as well. But fret not because aerify plus also contains nutritions needed to solve the issue.

Benefits Of Using Aerify Plus

Why will you buy the aerify plus? That’s a good question. You see, there are numerous reasons to buy the aerify plus. This is because they have tons of benefits in store for you.

Let’s explore the advantages of owning a aerify plus-

Eliminates Mechanical Aeration

The first and foremost thing that we would like to point out is that you don’t need any tools like the way you need for mechanical aeration.

So, you don’t have to be a master of any weapons in order to ensure that your lawn’s ground loosens.

You can be a beginner and still get the work done. It won’t be a hassle. Plus, the elimination of heavy machinery does take down the cost by quite a lot. So, you will be saving yourself a few bucks along the way.

However, it won’t compromise your results. Your lawn will show results. All you have to do is apply the aerify plus and be patient.

Goes Deep Into the Root

Another reason to buy the aerify plus is because of its deep root treatment. You see, the liquid is able to pour and slide deep into the soil where the problem lies. And they can do its magic from the inside.

Thus, if your garden is tightened and the threat lies deep within the liquid, aerification will be a good option. This is because they can slip inside the root and will stay there until they can solve the issues.

Loosens the Soil

Stating the obvious again. You see, one of the primary benefits is that the soil will be loosened over time. So, the plants will be able to grow in a healthier way.

Provides Nutrition for Plants

After the aerify plus has gone deep inside the root it can provide the necessary nutrition needed for the plants to grow.

You see, it promotes the growth of microbes like humus which is essential for the early stages of a plant’s growth.

However, that is not all it provides. You see, the liquid aeration also contains other nutritions that can help with stunted growth. Moreover, your soil becomes rich in nutrients so you can grow more plants on your lawn.

How Often Do You Apply Liquid Aerify?

One of the best things about liquid aerification is that you can apply it all throughout the year.

Unlike the mechanical aeration, this doesn’t have a special time-bound where you’ll have together all the necessary stuff in order to get the job done.

However, it does take time for the liquid to aerify to do its magic. You see, you will have to wait around for quite a while before the aerify plus actually works. And this can be between 45 to 60 days.

So, you can apply to aerify liquid after 2 months. However, we recommend that you do it twice a year. And the optimum time to do this is in spring or fall.

This way, the liquid aerify will not interfere with your pre-emergent applications.

How to Apply Aerify Plus?

Now, after you end up buying the aerify plus you might want to know how to actually apply it. Well, it isn’t rocket science but we don’t plan on leaving you clueless.

So, here are the steps you will have to follow in order to get the work done. Simply follow the instructions and the aerify plus will do its magic.

Step 1: Attach Nozzle to Hose Garden

The only thing you will need for the aerify plus is a little hose garden. You see, you will be spraying out liquid aerify through the hose.

Besides, you need to mix the liquid with the water as well. And you can do all that with the help of a hose garden.

You see, the aerify plus comes with a little nozzle that fits into the hose garden quite easily. Tighten it up and make sure that there is no leak that will let water slip from it.

Once you have the nozzle on you will see that there are 3 settings. They are on, off, and water. Now the off button is quite easy to understand. The nozzle will stay off and nothing will happen when the nozzle is in this mode.

But when the nozzle is in on mode the water and liquid aerify will begin to mix. It will create a mixture of the two liquids and give you the right substance to get your lawn up and ready.

Apart from that, the water setting enables you to spray only water. So don’t worry about the primary function of your water hose. YOu can still get your water out of your hose even with the nozzle on.

Step 2: Turn on Water

The next step is to turn on the water. From the 3 settings, you need to turn on the water settings and get your lawn wet. This will create a primary base for the liquid to go on.

Besides, it will dampen the soil a bit. This way, the aerify can slip in and do its magic from the insides.

Step 3: Set the Setting to On

After the lawn has been dampened you will have to set the nozzle’s setting to on. This will mix the two liquids and you will get the right ingredient to apply all over your lawn.

So, with the nozzle setting set to on you will have to spray the aerify all over the hardened soil. Now, while doing so make sure you spray it side by side. This will create a pattern that will ensure proper application.

Step 4: Repeat the Process

Of course, you won’t see any change at one go. So, you will have to repeat the process to ensure that the whole soil has been covered. So, for the second application, you will have to wait a bit.

You can apply the aerify liquid after 2 weeks. And for even greater results you should repeat the whole process again after 6 weeks. So, in total, you will have to apply the aerify liquid 3 times to get the most optimum results.

Liquid Aerify VS Mechanical Aerify

Throughout the guide, we have compared liquid aeration with mechanical aeration. And that might have gotten you curious.

So, we are here to talk about the differences between the two. After hearing both sides you can choose which one suits you.

Liquid Aerify

As the name states liquid aerify is a liquid solution that ensures that the compact soil loosens up. It goes straight to the roots of the soil and ensures that the oxygen can flow to the deepest part of the soil.

This allows the root of the plants to get enough oxygen for them to grow. Plus, it helps to loosen the soil. So, the nutrition can also go deep into the soil and enhance its growth.

Plus, for liquid aeration, you don’t need any tools. And you can do it all throughout the year because it doesn’t need any prior preparation. But we do recommend you guys to do it in spring and fall.

Mechanical Aerify

In contrast to liquid aerify the mechanical aerifiers use machinery to mix both air and water. It uses tools like paddle wheels, mixers, or rotating brushes to disrupt the surface in order to let the water and air into the soil.

The whole process is pretty time-consuming. Plus, you will need some professional help to get the work done. Moreover, the leaves might create an uproar in your lawn when you start using the mechanical aerify.

Does Liquid Aerify Really Work?

It all boils down to one question. Does liquid aerify really work? Well, it certainly did work on our garden. But then again the condition of our garden might not have been so bad.

The conditioner which is also known as the liquid aerify has a high success rate. It did satisfy the majority of its clients. However, some people don’t have the patience for the liquid aerify to work.

So, it all boils down to how much patience you have. At the same time, it also depends on the condition of the soil.

Now, the aerify plus can treat soil with major compact problems. But it can’t treat something that is beyond repair.

Thus, we would like to say that it depends, We had a great experience with Aerify plus. You might have it too. Well, you won’t be sure unless you try. What can possibly go wrong?

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Does this leave unsightly holes in the ground like aerating equipment?

Answer: No the liquid aerify doesn’t leave any hole in the ground. This is because it is a solution that can slip into the ground through the small holes present on the ground.

Question: Does Aerify Plus work for indoor aerating potted plants?

Answer: Yes, you can also use your Aerify plus for indoor plants. They work wonders on them as well.

Question: At what temperature should you stop or not apply Aerify Plus?

Answer: Any temperature above 50 F is alright for the Aerify plus to work for. However, don’t go too high. The safest limit is 90 F. Now, if the temperature is above 90 F in the day then wait for evening or a cooler day in order to apply the Aerify plus.

Question: What is the coverage area for the hose-end sprayer?

Answer: Now, the nozzle of the aerify plus can spray out 1.5 oz of water per second. And this covers an area of 8,000 sq ft when you work the hose sprayer at its max limit.

To Sum Up

With that, we conclude our guide on aerify plus review. We hope that we were able to dig deep into the product and give you an overall idea of how the thing is and exactly what to expect from it.

Along the way, we even had a few stops to answer all the questions you might have had so far. They should be enough to cover all the queries you might have about the product.

You just might like having the Aerify plus by your side. It could be the cure your compact soil is looking for. So, do invest in it and see the results for yourself.

Now, we will show ourselves the door and get out of your hair. YOu can make the purchasing decision yourself. Adios for now.

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