5 Best Dethatching Blade (Review of the Lawn Cleaners)

Dethatching can remove all the unwanted grass and weeds out of your way. But the lawnmower’s dethatching blades do get damaged and chipped over several days of usage. So, you need the right blade that will last longer and cut all your grass smoothly.

However, to solve these problems you need the best dethatching blade in the market.

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Now, they come in different sizes and shapes. So, it can get confusing to pick out the one that suits you. Hence, we came up with the top 5 blades for you to choose from.

Well, they all have different characteristics that made them climb all the way to our list. Plus, our researchers made sure that they were truly the best ones in the market before they put them on the list.

Besides this, we also added a buying guide. It will help you make up your mind.

1. Arnold 490-100-005621 Universal Dethatching Blade

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Starting the list with the best product is the Arnold 490-100-005621 Universal Dethatching Blade. This blade did win the title of the best overall dethatching blade for us but there are some pretty valid reasons behind it. Let’s check them-

For starters, this dethatching blade is the longest one on our list. In reality, it is 21 inches. Meaning you get to thatch the lawn more efficiently. Hence, you will be saving yourself a bit of hassle and a lot of time.

However, that is not all. This product is also compatible with a lawnmower that supports 22 inches. Now, we know that they won’t be a perfect fit. But you can still get them if your mower supports 22 inches dethatching blades.

Plus, this blade fits all the walk-behind lawnmowers. And let’s face it nowadays we only use walk-behind lawnmowers. So, no matter what brand of lawnmower you have, this blade will be a perfect fit for you. Provided that the size fits.

Another thing you need to be careful about is the central hole. Now, the blade will match your lawnmower. But it has to support blades with 3/8″, 7/16″ & 5/8″ central holes. Otherwise, the blades will not be a complete fit.

As for usability, they are pretty easy to install. You won’t face a lot of problems while trying to attach the blade to your lawnmower. That makes it very easy to use and you won’t have to struggle with the blade even if you’re a beginner.

Additionally, this does not fully tear up your lawn. You will still have plenty of greeneries left after you are done dethatching your lawn. In fact, it won’t turn out to be someone with a bald head. Those are indeed a dreadful sight.

Lastly, you can rest assured because this product has some good quality material being used. They are of the top brand so you can be sure that you’re getting one of the most premium products.

2. Maxpower 330100 Universal Power Rake

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Moving on, we have the runner-up of our little show: Maxpower 330100 Universal Power Rake. Trust us, things came pretty close but what can we do? There can be only one winner. But that doesn’t mean this cannot be the one for you. Come on, let’s find what if it has features that match your expectations-

The number one thing that we appreciate about this product is that it comes in a set of 3. That means you will get a blade, springs, and sizing washers in one package. So, you won’t have to buy things separately.

Moreover, this product comes with a cover washer and 6 reducing washers. These washers have varying sizes. And they are- 3/8 in., 7/16 in., 9/16 in., 1/2 in., 5/8 in. and 3/16 in.

But that is not all. Like the previous blade, this one has a universal application as well. That means that this dethatching blade will fit all the lawnmowers with ease. So, no matter what brand of lawnmower you use you get them.

However, remember that the shape of the central hole is star-shaped. That means your lawnmower has to accept star-shaped blades for this to fit. Otherwise, you will have to return the blade and get them replaced.

Moreover, this blade’s size is 16 inches. Now, we know that it is lower than the previous product. But hey, it still does get the job done. It might not be as efficient as the first one but with effort, it will also show the same results.

Besides this, the blade size also has to match the lawnmower’s capacity. Let’s say you have a lawnmower that holds small-sized blades like this one. Then this would be a great choice.

As for the width, it is 2-1/4 inches in length. So, do ensure that this size is suitable for your lawnmower. Otherwise, they won’t fit. And another thing to keep in mind is the central hole. This is 1 inch in length.

Again check to see what size your lawnmower supports. Now, if all the measurements match then this is a pretty good pick for you.

3. Arnold 490-100-0111 16-Inch Dethatching Blade

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Next up, we have another of Arnold’s dethatching blades. This one is called the Arnold 490-100-0111 16-Inch Dethatching Blade. And no, they are not the same product. There are some differences. Some good while some okay-ish. Anyways, let’s have a look-

The main reason why people go for this is that it is a more budget-friendly blade when compared to the first one. So, you will be saving a few bucks when you purchase this one instead of the previous one.

However, if you are thinking that this product will offer less because of the low price then you are wrong. It has so much to offer within that budget. For instance, this blade has metal dethatching springs.

With the help of that, you can convert your rotary mower into a 16″ dethatching blade. Now, we agree that the length of this blade is not as long as the first product but it still gives a decent amount of efficiency over your work.

You can also dethatch and groom lawns quite easily with this blade. And once you are done your lawn will have breathing space and they will grow out to be healthy and full of life.

This is because the Arnold 490-100-0111 dethatching blade can remove all the dead grass from the lawn. That allows the smaller grasses to get more sunlight. Plus, it also allows the soils to absorb all the fertilizer for healthy growth.

Besides this, you can also mulch the leaves. And if you have mulched leaves then the soil will stay hot in winter and cool in summer.

Plus the nutrients you get from mulching decrease the amount and expense of fertilizer needed to keep the lawn green during spring.

However, this blade does not have a universal fit. You should know that it can only fit certain lawnmowers. But if your lawnmower supports this dethatching blade then you can surely go for it.

Now, what lawnmower does this fit?

Well, it fits a range of lawnmowers. But some of the honorable mentions are Craftsman, Yard Machines, Murray, Ryobi, Poulan, Troy-Bilt, Bolens, Huskee, Yard-Man, and Lawn-Boy mowers.

4. Oregon 690-521-0 20″ Dethatcher Blade

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Another product that we have on the list is the Oregon 690-521-0 20″ Dethatcher Blade. This product might not be one of the top 3 but it has some amazing features that just might be what you are looking for. So, let’s have a look at them-

First things first, this is the only product on our list that is made of steel. Now, you all might know this but steel is one of the most durable materials out there. They can do their own action for a long time.

Not only that, making a blade out of steel makes it indestructible. So, if you hit some rocks or stones along the path this blade will be able to endure and won’t fall off like a weakling. In fact, it can even go against other metals.

Plus, the length of this blaze is 20 inches. Now, if you compare to the other products on our list you do get a pretty good deal. In fact, this is the second-largest blade on our list and it is only an inch smaller than the largest one.

So, you can count on it to be more efficient than most of the blades that we have to offer. That means you will be able to clear the lawn in no time at all. Although the difference in length might seem less, it can have a large impact.

Even though the difference between the sizes is about 4 inches they will save you quite a lot of time when you take rounds to clean the lawn. It will save you a few trips around your garden. Especially if it’s a long one.

Besides this, the main function of this blade is to remove moss. This way, your lawn stays healthy, and more green plants will grow. In the end, your garden will look healthy and fresh.

5. New Stens 370-019 Power Rake

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At the very end of our list, we have the New Stens 370-019 Power Rake. We know that this product did not score very high on our list. But it surely did beat all the other products in the market. So, give it a chance. Let’s find out what this one has to offer-

To start off, we have to mention that this is the most budget-friendly product on our list. Now, blades are something that needs to be changed because they become dull or chipped. So, being cost-efficient makes sense.

Plus, you have to buy them so often that it might seem like a struggle to waste a lot of money on them. Hence, people do look for something within a good price range. However, the New Stens company didn’t compromise with the product.

New Stens make them out of high-quality metal so that they can be of service for quite a long time. At least, a few months so that you don’t have to make frequent trips to the local hardware store.

Moreover, this is a universal blade. So, it can fit most of your lawnmower. But the condition is that the lawnmower has to support this size.

Now, what is the size of this blade?

Well, this blade is 16 inches long. So, as long as your lawnmower supports this you are all set. You won’t have to worry about the blade not fitting into your lawnmower because of different brands. This makes things a bit easy.

Plus, you get to turn your regular lawnmower into a dethatcher with this low-priced product. So, you see, you won’t have to spend a lot of money on high-end machinery for a dethatcher. You can have it pretty easily.

Moreover, the New Stens 370-019 power rake can loosen and remove patches of thick, dead grass. Thus, your lawn looks healthy and green when you are done with your dethatching works.

Additionally, the grass seeds can also have a better reach. So, you can count on your lawn to have more green plants after you dethatch the garden with your new blade.

Is Compatibility an Important Factor?

The number one thing to focus on is the compatibility of the detachable blades. You see, different blades are designed for different types of lawnmowers. So, if you randomly purchase detachable blades chances are they won’t fit.

After that, you will have to return the blade and get another one. And that is a hassle you probably don’t want to go through. But there is a solution to this problem.

Most of the blades are universal. That means they can fit any type of lawn you throw in its way. Let it be gas-powered or the modern electric ones. And the best part is that most of the blades on our list are universal.

Blade Sizes: Do They Even Matter?

Pay heed to the size of the blade. Now, this doesn’t only include the length of the blade. Nope!

You will have to notice the thickness and the width of the detachable blades as well. All those measurements need to match with your lawnmower to ensure that they fit like a glove.

This is because if you go for the bigger size blades they won’t fit into your lawnmower. That is obvious. However, if they are too small they won’t be as efficient as you want. So, that is a complete waste.

Holes and Shape Of the Lawnmower: What to Consider?

The number of holes in the detachable blades varies. Typically they have 3 holes. These 3 holes attach to the lawnmower. The blades must have the same number of holes as the lawnmower. Otherwise, they will not fit.

Moving on, the shape of the hole for the blades also matters. They have to match with the lawnmower otherwise they won’t fit.

Generally, the middle holes for the blades are 5-point star-shaped with round holes to the side. Other times the blade holes may be rectangular shaped, they might have star-shaped holes but instead of 5 points, they would have had 7 points.

The Blade’s Hole Size: What to Measure?

Additionally, it’s crucial to know the size of the holes. Now, while you measure the hole be sure to take two types of measurement. One is the inside size and the other one is the outer side of the hole.

This is because the detachable blades come with washers for blades of different shapes and sizes. Hence, it is important to pay attention to the blade hole size.

Another crucial measurement is the distance between the holes. Measure the distance from the center of the two outside side holes. They will also determine whether the blade will fit your lawnmower or not.

Is Durability a Crucial Part?

You will be investing quite a few bucks on the detachable blades, so it is natural to want them to last long. Besides, it is a hassle to go to the store for these tiny parts.

Thus try to find dethatching blades that are made of steel. They work to ensure that your blades last longer. That is because steel is quite durable in nature. So, they do work for a long time without you needing to change it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What does a dethatcher blade do?

Answer: The main function of a detaching blade is that it successfully remove thatch. This mainly includes straw, reeds, palm leaves, or something similar to these.

Question: Is Lawn dethatching necessary?

Answer: No, lawn dethatching is not completely necessary. However, there are times when you need to do it. So, it is always a good idea to know how to do lawn dethatching.

Question: Is it better to dethatch wet or dry?

Answer: It is better to dethatch your lawn when it is a bit moist. It is not a good idea to carry out this task when it is super dry. However, do ensure that your soil isn’t super wet otherwise there will be spots all over your soil.

Question: How often should you dethatch your lawn?

Answer: You should dethatch your lawn when it reaches a thickness of ½ inches. That means you have to do dethatching every twice a year. This way, your lawn will stay clean and healthy.

Question: Are dethatching blades good?

Answer: Dethatching blades can properly remove all the weeds and unwanted grass from your garden. However, to properly dethatch the lawn you need to buy the right blade and do the job carefully. Otherwise, you will miss out on spots or remove all the green plants from the soil.

To Sum Up

In short, go for the right-sized blades for your lawnmower. Now, we know that we are provided with a few options but at the end of the day, you are the one who decides your best dethatching blade for lawn mower.

Besides, we hope you found your perfect fit. And if you have any questions do leave a comment. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Anyway, adios for now.

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