Does Spectracide Triazicide Kill Lawn Grubs?(Explained)

It can be bothersome when grubs are destroying your lawn. They usually eat the root of the grass and adult beetles eat your precious plants. 

Lots of homeowners use pesticides or natural remedies to get rid of grubs. It includes Spectracide Triazicide too. Not sure if it kills grubs? That’s okay, we’re here to help!

So, does spectracide triazicide kill lawn grubs?

Yes, Spectracide Triazicide kills grubs! It destroys over 100 species of lawn-damaging insects. The species include ants, crickets, centipedes, pillbugs, fleas, and grubs on contact. Apply it to the lawn using a broadcast or rotary spreader to get rid of grubs. 

A lot of people don’t know how and when to use Spectracide Triazicide. But we got you covered. Let’s start then- 

How Does Spectracide Triazicide ‘kill Grubs?

Spectracide triazide comes in a .95 liter bottle. It has 0.05% of Gamma-Cyhalothrin in it. This is the major ingredient that kills insects. 

It’s designed to provide broad-spectrum insect control in household lawns. It operates by interfering with the neurological systems of the grubs, resulting in paralysis and death. It takes about a week or two to completely kill the grubs.

Take preparation Before You Kill The Grubs

does spectracide triazicide kill grubs

Before you use Spectracide Triazicide, there are things you need to know about grubs. 

For instance, the time you should spray, the signs that grubs are destroying your lawn, etc. Don’t worry as we’ll walk you through these. 

Signs That Your Lawn Is Infested with Grubs 

Before you apply Triazicide, make sure if your lawn is really infested with grubs. So, look out for the signs.

Check if your lawn is damaged. There may be dead patches all over your lawn. Also when you walk on your lawn, it feels mushy. 

Another one is turf that readily pulls from the soil’s surface. Birds, skunks, and moles are all consuming your grass. Pull back a patch of lawn if you’re still uncertain. You have a grub infestation if you observe more than five grubs per square foot. 

How to Control Grub Infestation with Triazicide?

The key to grub management is eliminating them before they hatch and harm your lawn.

Apply a preventative grub control product to your lawn in the spring or early summer. Make sure to follow the package recommendations. This is especially crucial if you’ve ever had issues with grubs earlier. 

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When Do You Treat Grubs?

What is the greatest time of year to treat grubs? Grubs hibernate in the winter by burrowing deep into the ground. Some can travel up to 12 inches beneath the surface.

Lawns that have already been attacked by grubs should be treated in the early spring or fall. You shouldn’t spray this more than 6 times at a low rate in a year. And more than 3 times at a high rate in a year. 

It’s best to prevent your lawn from grubs. And the key to preventing grubs’ attacks is to keep healthy soil with milky spores. 

Here are our top-picked milky spores to treat your grubs-

How to Spray Triazicide to Kill Grubs?

The quantity of square footage covered by Triazicide is sorted by the type of insects being treated. 

However, the application procedure is essentially the same. One quart of Spectracide Triazicide treats 2,560 sq. ft. of grass for underground insects. The same amount is used to treat 5,120 sq. ft. for above-ground insects. 

One quart will treat about 6,144 sq. ft. for all other purposes. Such as ornamental trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetables, fruit, and nut trees, according to the product description. The product label includes specific application directions for each usage.

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Best Time to Apply Spectracide Triazicide

Early morning or late evening are the appropriate times to spray Spectracide Triazicide. It’s best to properly moisten the grass for a few hours before applying the product. 

Pets and people should be kept away from the area while it is being applied and until it is completely dry.

Instruction to Kill Grubs

Connect the hose to the sprayer nozzle after thoroughly shaking the bottle. Make sure the switch is completely forward in the “off” position.

Before turning on the water faucet, move to the farthest part of the grass. It is critical that you don’t come into touch with any of the places that have previously been treated. Always keep your shoes away from the substance. 

Turn the switch “on”. Now point your thumb toward the hose connector to begin the treatment. The substance will combine with water, and the spray will begin to appear from the nozzle.

pray the entire grass thoroughly and evenly, being careful not to miss any areas. Wait a few hours after the application is finished before allowing dogs or children to resume play.

Depending on the age and cleanliness of the siding, Spectracide Triazicide is a non-staining chemical. If you have vinyl siding, try it in an inconspicuous location first. After that, inspect it after a few hours. 

Before using a product, read the label carefully.

That’s all you need to know about Spectracide Triazicide. Now you can keep your plants away from grubs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How long does it take for Spectracide Triazicide to work effectively? 

Answer: Insects are affected by Spectracide Triazicide as soon as they come into touch with the treated surface. It has an 8-week residual effect.

Question: Do I need grub control every year?

Answer: The simple answer is that unless your lawn has been damaged by grub worms, you do not need to treat it every year.

Question: Will grub-damaged lawn ever grow back again? 

Answer: When grass is weak or the quantity of grubs is excessive, damage occurs (more than five to ten per square foot on an average lawn). Your grass will develop deeper, stronger roots and recover wounded roots quicker. However, you must water once a week for an hour and a half to two hours. Also, get your lawn properly treated.


So, hopefully, now you know the answer to your question, does spectracide triazicide kill lawn grubs? 

Spectracide Triazicide can be extremely hazardous for yourself and the environment. So refrain from using it when you do not have to. Also, take proper safety measurements while using it. 

Let us know how your experience with Spectracide Triazicide was. Take care! 

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