Gator Blades G5 vs G6 (Which Is the Better One?)

We know gator blades to be one of the well-known blades to be existent in the industry. But among the gator blades, there are also preferences. Among them, the blades that face the most debate are G5 and G6.

Now, you may ask which is better among gator blades G5 vs G6?

In terms of sharpness, G6 blades are sharper than G5. G5 and G6 both have high longevity but G6 stands out a little more. However, the G5 has a better cutting edge compared to the G6. Moreover, G6 is quite heavy and thick.

Now, in order to find out what we recommend, let’s make a thorough comparison first.

Gator Blades G5 vs G6: Quick Comparison

gator blades g5 vs g6

G5 and G6 blades have certain qualities or properties that can be separated from all the other blades. Before you jump into the details, check out their basic differences first.  

We have provided a quick comparison between the two blades down below-

FeatureG5 BladesG6 Blades
SharpnessIt is sharper than the G3 blade, stays 40% sharp than traditional blades.It is sharper than the G5 blade.
LongevityThe longevity of the blade is higher than other blades.They have the highest longevity in terms of all the blades.
Cutting EdgeIt has a higher airlift but lowers the cutting edge.It has a lower airlift but a higher cutting edge.
Mulching PerformanceMulching performance is above average.They have the best mulching performance.
ThicknessThey are less thick so less heavy.Higher thickness, so heavier.

Before we dive any deeper into the discussion, let us see some product recommendations. Here, we have the items from three series of gillette blades-

Now, we know that these are the qualities we will be emphasizing on. Also, we know what products we are actually looking for. Let’s discuss the differences in a brief discussion. 

Gator Blades G5 vs G6: Detailed Comparison

We know that the basic differences are merely enough to understand the whole concept. Hence we have provided the differences in details for you. Take a look at the features we’ve talked about in detail. And hopefully, you’ll be able to make a choice.

Let’s find out what the verdict has to say!


The sharpness of the blades is mainly used to measure how sharp it can cut, edge or trim any product. We see that the blades in these categories are usually sharp.

G5 blades are 40 % sharper than standard blades and sharper than the G3 blade. But G6 blades are sharper than the G5 blade.


Longevity mainly includes how long the blades last. The blades last longer than any other blades in the industry. This is an advantage for their products.

The G5 blade has a longer lifespan than other blades. In terms of all the blades, the G6 blades have the longest lifespan.

Cutting Edge

The cutting edge mainly is defined by the edge of the blade that is used to cut through a product. This is used mainly to measure the airlift and recovery time.

Also used for finding out the swift cut that these blades offer in a shorter time span.

The G5 blades have more airlift, but a lower cutting edge. However, the G6 blade has a lower cutting edge yet a higher airlift.

Mulching Performance

The mulching performance of these blades is usually high. Cutting through fibrous materials like plants and all can cause performance lacking.

But having the advantage of the improved mulching performance will help the blade to be more preferable.

Mulching rates are above average for G5 blades. The G6 blades have the best mulching performance overall considering all the performances.

There is actually a difference between standard blades and general blades. That is why it is considered separately.

Fusion Technology

Fusion technology helps in applying an improvement to the glide while shaving or cutting through anything. This technology is a unique and newly improved technology. This does help in increasing a blade’s performance.

There is fusion technology that is prevalent in the G5 blades. But there is no fusion technology in the G6 blades and as a result, the G5 blade in this regard has a better advantage. 


The thickness of the blade actually determines how the pressure may be applied on the surface. This helps to apply the required pressure while cutting through any surface.

G5 is thin so it has lower longevity and durability. On the other hand, G6 is thicker than other gator blades so the longevity and durability are also high. But in order to consider easy handling the knife, it is heavy. 

Final Verdict

So we see that, despite G5 blades being better in many properties. This is due to having better properties in number, we consider using G6.

G6 blades are heavy, have no fusion technology, and have lower airlift time due to being heavier. Yet it’s more preferable to use for having stability, durability, cutting edge, and sharpness. 

So that’s all regarding our guide on these two gator blades. We hope this was helpful!

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is it possible to use Gator Blades for side discharge?

Answer: Gators have a lower air movement than most standard blades. They also have a tendency to make grass vanish. They’ll operate fine as a side discharge. Although you’ll notice less grass and a lesser velocity.

Question: Is it possible to sharpen Gator blades?

Answer: The teeth on the Gator Mulcher do not cut the grass. So they do not need to be sharpened. Sharpen your Gator Mulcher the same way you would any other mower blade. So there is an option for sharpening your blades or not, it depends.

Question: Do blades with a higher lift cut better?

Answer: Low-lift mower blades work best on dry, shorter grasses, whereas high-lift blades function better in all circumstances. The deeper bends on the ends of high-lift blades produce enough suction to circulate and evacuate the clippings. When mowing tall or wet grass, the increased air movement helps prevent clogging.


Now, you know which is the better gator blades G5 vs G6. We hope now, you know which blade you can use when needed. 

Gator blades are considered as one of the pioneers in the blade-producing industries when it comes to performances and qualities in blades.

We hope that it leaves the same impression on you too. Until then let’s hope for the best.

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