How to Kill a Fig Tree? (5 Incredible Ways You Must Know)

At times you just need to kill fig trees to save your garden soil. From time to time, knowing how to remove it can be a huge help. 

But the thought of killing a vast fig tree can make you worried. And your tension is very much understandable. 

Hence, the question arises-  how to kill a fig tree

Firstly, you can pull your fig tree out of the ground. Moreover, poisoning the tree can be an option too. Apart from this, you can try to kill it by using vinegar and salt as well. Lastly, if you’re still confused consult an arborist. 

That was just a nitty-gritty of the whole. We’ve got more insights and in-depth discussion for you. So stick with us till the end. 

Why Would You Need To Kill a Fig Tree?

how to kill a fig tree

Fig trees can provide you with their fruit. But they can create a lot of problems as well. Mostly because a fig tree can harm other trees around. It creates a thick cluster that hampers the growth of other plants. 

Moreover, grazing animals don’t find figs appetizing at all. So, if you’re a livestock owner, you might not prefer fig trees inside your garden. 

Lastly, the fig tree fills the adjacent area with fallen leaves and litter. It reduces the growth of other kinds of vegetation. 

So, the whole area becomes empty and full of non-productive soil space than usual. So, a lot of people suggest killing the fig tree for the betterment of the garden. 

How To Kill A Fig Tree? [5 Most Effective Ways Explained]

Killing a fig tree is undoubtedly a huge deal for anyone. This gigantic tree has vast roots and a large stamp. Hence, it’s extremely necessary to know about the process in detail, before jumping into the mission. 

Here we’ve listed some of the ways that you can follow to remove the fig tree. Choose one of them that suits you the best. So the list of ways go here-

Way 1 out of 5: Pulling the Tree Out of the Ground

This is a high effort way but very effective as well. First, take the tree down by cutting it. Then make sure the stamp is ground out properly. Then start digging through the underground to pull it out. 

You need to dig around the tree creating a hole from half an inch away. Cut the roots and tear them with a sharp spade. 

After completing the digging part, use a shovel to remove the root ball. This part will take a lot of time. You have to pull the root out of the ground so it’s better if you have 2-3 helping hands with you. 

Way 2 out of 5: Using Vinegar

You can use vinegar to remove fig trees. It’ll kill the roots with its acidic nature. But this acidity can affect the soil and harm other plants in the long term. 

So, if you use vinegar for this purpose, make sure to nullify it. You can use an equally strong base to balance the pH of the soil. You can use bicarbonate for this purpose. 

Way 3 out of 5: Killing the Fig Tree with Salt

You can use salt to feed your plant. But it can be used to kill the plant as well. Mostly Epsom salt is used as a source of nutrients.

But if you put them in a large amount which is more than your plant needs. It’ll cause the plant’s death. Also, rock salt can also be used for this purpose. 

To use salt to kill your plant, first drill a hole onto the root and then fill them with saltwater. Use 1 inch extra long bits to create the whole through drilling. The salt and water ratio would be 1:2. 

Way 4 out of 5: Poisoning the Fig Tree

The trick of poisoning your fig tree is quite similar to feeding salt. You need to drill holes in the same way, then fill them up with poisonous chemicals. 

But which chemical will be the best to kill your plant? Well, there are quite a few of them that’ll serve this purpose. Here are our best picks for you –

Just grab one from this list before you start poisoning the fig tree. 

Way 5 out of 5: Calling an Arborist 

But if you’re not sure which way to follow, or what to do. Then it’s better if you consult an arborist. He can examine your fig tree and decide a way for you. 

With this, we’ve come to the end. It’s time to say goodbye. Hope you find this post helpful. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Will salt kill a fig tree?

Answer: Salt can kill any tree if you can provide it in an appropriate amount. The fig tree is no different. So, you can definitely use salt to kill the roots of a fig tree. Rock salt, table salt, or even Epsom salt can kill fig tree roots if applied in a hazardous amount. 

Question: Is there a wasp inside every fig?

Answer: Actually there’s a wasp inside every fig. But don’t worry about consuming fig. Because the fruit has an enzyme inside that can break down the exoskeleton. So the fruit actually absorbs the protein of the insect’s body. Hence, technically, you’re eating a wasp while eating a fig. 

Question: Is Epsom salt good for fig trees?

Answer: Epsom salt can be a very good source of magnesium for your fig tree. As your fig tree needs necessary nutrients just like all the other trees. So, providing it with Epsom salt can be a good source of essential nourishment. Apart from magnesium, it can be a very good source of Sulphur, Phosphorus, and Potassium. 


So, friends, it’s time to part our ways. Hope this post answers all your queries about how to kill a fig tree

Kill your fig tree in the way that you find the most comfortable. Wishing you a smooth fig tree-killing experience.

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