John Deere 5065e Will Not Move (Problems + Solutions)

John Deere being a long time reliable company in the world of lawnmowers. However, there might be a few issues with them. These include the tractor not moving temporarily or not moving at all due to technical issues. 

Why john deere 5065e will not move?

There are many reasons for your deere 5065e to not move. The problem might be a malfunction in the park switch. This could also be due to the hydraulic pressure not being sufficient for the tractor to engage its gears and thus not moving. 

These are the common reasons for John Deere tractor. But some of the common issues are basic enough and can be solved without consulting the customer services. Let’s dive into it to find solutions and many more! 

Why is the John Deere 5065e not moving?

john deere 5065e will not move

The John Deere 5056e is an infamous tractor series that has been victim to many controversies. Head gaskets, EGR valve, and cooler are the main problems with the tractor engines of the 50-series.

Serious engine failures are uncommon in the Deere 5065e. But they can occur if the driver fails to recognize the warning signs. These are the best engine head gaskets for the tractor you can get.

Metal fragments from the piston smash against the valve. This spreads throughout the engine. Later it clogs the cylinder head.

Eventually, causing the piston to seize in the liner. These included the problems regarding the gear shift, the hydraulic valves, and others.

Your tractor is a machine and bound to have issues as it works. We have collected the problems and the remedies for common problems regarding the John Deere 5065e tractor. Let’s get your tractor fixed!

Problem 1: 

Malfunction in the park switch because of which the position sensor of the tractor still thinks it is in a parked position.


This is a minor issue and can be fixed easily. Open up the switch and check if its connections are okay. Replace the park switch if you don’t find anything. These are the replaceable parking switches available in the market. 

Problem 2: 

The hydraulic pressure is not sufficient for the tractor to engage its gears and thus doesn’t move. This is actually very common in older lawnmowers. However, dealing with this is actually very easy. 


The most common solution regarding these problems is fixing the park switch. However, it’s recommended to replace the park switch instead. 

Fixing the problem regarding hydraulics is also pretty basic. A quick change of the hydraulic liquids and adjusting the pressure will do the trick.

Problem 3: The Motor is Not Starting 

Sometimes, the motor might be causing you trouble. If the motor is too clogged or damaged, it might not start. The ways to solve a stuck motor are- 


Change the starter. It might happen because of clogging in the fuel line. You need to clean the fuel line to remove the clog. The fuel filter element is dirty, change it. You can also install new piston rings.

Problem 4: The Diesel Engine Will Not Crank Over

The engine needs to crank over in order to work. If the engine isn’t cranking, it creates room for overheating and further damage. So, it’s important to deal with them as soon as possible.


In this case, the fuel grade is incorrect or the high-pressure fuel pump is damaged. So, you need to diagnose and change. Also, you might have an incorrect fuel injection pump timing. In that case, you need to adjust it accordingly.

Sometimes some parts are beyond repair. You might have to install new parts to make it work. Here are some products you can get for your tractor.

It would have been a much cheaper and easier remedy if the tractor had not been driven with the damaged valve.

Deere’s tractors are known for their dependability, and breakdowns are uncommon. Clutch packs, on the other hand, can wear down if the tractor has done a lot of heavy labor.

There may be other minor problems regarding the gear shift and the 3 point shifter but these are quite simple to fix. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What’s the deal with my lawnmower not moving forward?

Answer: Examine the driving belt. If your riding lawn mower won’t go ahead or slows down when going uphill, it’s time to replace it. 

Question: What are the signs that my tractor transmission is failing?

Answer: The transmission is bad if the pulley is spinning but the wheels aren’t turning.

Question: How long do tractor hydrostatic transmissions last?

Answer: Most hystat transmissions on smaller tractors should last 3 – 5000 hours if they are serviced periodically, in my opinion.


We have reached the end of our discussion on john deere 5065e will not move. We hope our article could help you with your problem. If you still have questions, we suggest contacting a professional.  

Till then, best of luck!

2 thoughts on “John Deere 5065e Will Not Move (Problems + Solutions)”

  1. Larry Barkowsky

    I had a problem with my 2013 5065e not moving. It turned out be the neutral start sensor. It is located on the right side of the transmission. Part number M132725. Or 20210915DY2. It has a special O ring that has to be pitched separately.

  2. My 5065e will function perfectly including forward, reverse power shift. At almost exactly 5 minutes it will not shift from neutral to forward or reverse – neutral light flashes. You can start it up, move it, put it in neutral and go have coffee, come back in over 5 minutes and it won’t move. However, you can shift forward/reverse, change gears etc. using the main clutch. What to check? Thanks, Howard. —- dealer thought it was the safety switch under the seat – wrong.

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