Loud Noise When Sprinklers Turn on (Reason + Solution)

Even gardening may seem rather annoying when there is loud noise while turning on sprinklers. Are you one of those who can’t seem to solve the problem? Then you are in the right place!

So, why does loud noise when sprinklers turn on?

To end that high-pitched noise, turn off the power to your sprinkler pump at the main electrical panel, then troubleshoot the issue. Remove the sprinkler heads if you hear a fizzing sound, loosen the diffuser screw if you hear squeaks during the turn. 

Well, you’ll need specific instructions to accomplish this. So, this entire article is here to explain exactly what you need. 

So, let’s dive in!                           

Exactly Why Do Sprinklers Make a Loud Noise?

loud noise when sprinklers turn on

Active sprinkler systems produce a variety of sounds. It may include fizzing and the sound of flowing water. All of this is standard practice.

Even so, similar noises occur when the sprinklers are not in use. And, they may indicate a problem. But different types of noises indicate different types of sprinkler control valve problems.

Type 1: High-pitched Noise

Let’s say, you are hearing a whining or high-pitched noise coming from the valve. So, It indicates that there may be an issue with the sprinkler system.

Here we have given some possible reasons and solutions-


Leaks in the sprinkler system might cause a little whining or high-pitched noise. Let’s say the sound is accompanied by a distinct trickle of water. Then the leak may not occur on the valve’s exterior.

Water is routed via a small hole, much like how air is sent through a whistle’s stops.


A breach in the sprinkler valve can be within or outside the mechanism. And indicates that the valve should be replaced.

The connectors connect the valve to the pipes before servicing. Tighten the connections if there is a noise but no water is pouring out of the valve.

Type 2: Fizzing Sound

If the sprinkler valve is making a buzzing noise, then the problem is with casing. Let’s take a look at the possible reasons with some solutions –


A fizzing sound from the sprinkler system might indicate a cracked valve case. It could either be switched on or off. And the water is sent up through the spraying jet by the sprinkler valve.

Crushing a portion of the casing might result in a gushing leak. All the water bubbles up and swirls all across the grass. 

A sprinkler valve’s casing can be damaged by anything. 


The sound of fizzing will stop, as will any water loss. For that, you have to replace the damaged valve case with a new one.

Switch off the system’s water and power at the control panel to replace a solenoid sprinkler. Locate the valve box and open it. 

Reconnect the repaired or replacement magnet to the assembly. Use a screwdriver for this. And then connect it to the main valve.

Type 3: Squeaks During Turn

Squeaky sound happens for some piping problems. Let’s have a look at the reasons behind the problem-


Water is sprayed through perforated pipes in some sprinkler valves. Many others have a diffuser that swings back and forth across the jet of water. 

Again, if the valve gets stuck or the valve keeps turning, it may cause the same issue. This problem also differs because of different type of sprinkler fittings. Those can break up the stream and disperse it over a larger area.


If this diffuser makes a squeaking sound when turned, unscrew the diffuser screw and see if that helps. 

But if this screw is tightened too tightly, a squealing noise will be produced. As it connects the diffuser to the rest of the sprinkler valve assembly. 

Type 4: Knocking Sound 

This knocking sound is known as a water hammer. And it is fixed by passing air through the piping system. Let’s see what are the reasons and solutions in this particular case- 


An outdoor sprinkler system’s pipes work the same as an interior plumbing system.

Air trapped in the system can generate a pounding sound along the pipes. It happens, particularly around the sprinkler valve. A water hammer is a name for this pounding sound.


The air is circulated through the pipe system to cure it. Turn on the sprinkler heads and as well as the pipe that is producing the noise.

Then, let the water run freely through the pipes. Rejoin the sprinklers and power on the sprinkler system after the air has been drained out.

If you want to change the sprinkler head, here are some recommended products for you –

I hope this suggestion will help you find the right sprinkler head for your job. Otherwise, It will become harder to water the plants that are decorated in the trellis.

These are some following steps that may help you to fix the problem. Otherwise, inspect the main water shut-off valve to see whether it has to be replaced. 

The cost of replacing the valve varies depending on its condition. If these steps don’t help you out then you should consult with the professionals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I get rid of air in my water pipes?

Answer: After turning off the main water system, you can remove air bubbles from the pipes. Then turn on the main water system to remove any residual excess water. Finally, operate your faucets and water-using devices.

Question: Is a water hammer normal?

Answer: Water hammer is a typical plumbing problem. It’s a niggle that sounds like a blast and is nearly startling. While it may appear to be one of those benign daily noises. It might harm your plumbing system if left unchecked.

Question: How do you clean the inside of a sprinkler head?

Answer: Remove the sprinkler head from the canister by unscrewing the cap. Wash away soil and debris. Remove the screen basket from the head’s bottom and wash. Before placing the sprinkler head, make sure the watering range is correct.


Now you get the proper idea of why loud noises when sprinklers turn on. We hope if you follow through with the solution, you’ll be good to go!

Be patient and go through the article. If none of these techniques work, reach a professional for help.

Have a great day!

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  1. Why is it that when I turn on the sprinkler system a high pitched noise is screaming through the toilet, bath faucets and sink faucets in upstairs bathroom. So crazy. The only way to kill the noise is to turn off the water supply to the toilet. And turn on and off the faucets. It’s nuts. I’m worried a pipe is going to burst. And winter is coming.

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