Olle vs Vego: A Comparative Discussion!

Reutilizing old garden space could be a fantastic turning point for your garden. The raised garden beds are a fantastic approach to doing just that. There are multiple choices available in the market when choosing one raised bed. Among them, Olle and Vego garden beds are quite popular among gardeners.

So, what’s the difference between Olle vs Vego?

Olle garden beds are constructed with 24 gauge galvanized steel coated with Aluzinc. Meanwhile, Vego utilizes Zinc, Magnesium, and Aluminum coated steel as its material. Vego also demonstrates better rust resistance than Olle. While Olle offers good versatility at a cheaper price point, Vego has the upper hand in versatility and customizability. 

In this analysis, we will explore the features and differences of both Olle and Vego. it will help you make an informed decision for your gardening projects.

Olle Vs Vego: Discussion of Factors Need to be Considered 

Both Olle and Vego are two brands of metal raised garden beds. The core structure is made from galvanized steel and is designed to be durable and long-lasting. 

Though both seem the same thing they consist with some differences. At this point, we will now get to have a glance at the common factors of these two raised bed gardens.   

Factors  Olle  Vego 
Material 24 gauge galvanized steel coated with Aluzinc Zinc, Magnesium, Aluminum coated steel
Rust-resistance Good Better
Durability Good (steel thickness 0.6mm) Good (steel thickness 0.6mm)
Safety features Rubber strip on the metal edge Rounded corner and safety edging
Safe to grow Yes Yes
Heat retention Good Good
Product Versatility Good Vast (with the ability to customize)
Price $169(17’’tall and 32’’wide) (set of 2) $109.95(17’’ tall and 42’’ wide)

Let’s discuss each factor in detail now. You will gain a deeper understanding of both products.

Factor 1: Material

A zinc-aluminum alloy, Aluzinc, is used for coating the steel of Olle garden beds. On the other hand, the Vego utilizes Zinc, Magnesium, and Aluminum coated steel as its material. Both options provide protective coatings.

24 gauge galvanized steel coated with Aluzinc in Olle offers good corrosion resistance due to the zinc-aluminum alloy coating. It provides durability and protection against rust, making it ideal for outdoor applications. The galvanized steel core adds strength to the final material.

The main components of Vigo are Zinc, Magnesium, and Aluminum coated steel. They provide excellent corrosion resistance. This coating enhances the material’s longevity and protection against environmental elements. 

Factor 2: Rust-Resistance 

As far as rust resistance is concerned, Olle’s Aluzinc combination performs well. Comparatively, Vego beds provide slightly better rust resistance. This happens due to the added magnesium (3%) in the coating. When any cut edge of the metal is exposed, zinc and magnesium form a protective film, sealing the exposed steel substrate and thus preventing corrosion.

rust resistance
Source: olleusa.com

So, both materials protect against rust, but Vego exhibits enhanced performance in this aspect. Therefore, Vego is a better choice in regions where heavy rainfall causes rust to form. 

Factor 3: Safety Features

In terms of safety features, Olle incorporates a Rubber strip on the metal edge, providing an additional layer of safety. 

On the other hand, Vego focuses on safety with its Rounded corner and safety edging. That particular feature helps to reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. 

Both options offer safety features for a great deal. Olle emphasizes a rubber strip for added protection. In contrast, Vego prioritizes rounded corners and safety edging for enhanced safety measures.

Having a Rubber strip on the metal edge of Olle can be beneficial if you want extra protection against sharp edges. This feature helps to minimize the risk of accidental cuts or scrapes.

On the other hand, Vego’s emphasis on rounded corners and safety edges can provide a safer environment. So, you can start growing passion flowers and clematis together in any of these beds without further worries!

Factor 4: Product Versatility 

In terms of versatility, Olle offers good service. On the other hand, Vego takes it a step further with its vast versatility and customizing feature.

Olle offers round, modular, rectangular 12 in 1 garden beds, and also has an option for infinity raised beds. The beds come in 17” and 32” options in length. Meanwhile, Veggo offers three variations in length that are 11’’, 17’’, and 32’’. Veggo also provides advanced beds like self-watering beds and elevated rolling beds with greater portability.

olle vs vego garden beds
Source: vegogarden.com

They also have customization options curated for your need. This allows users to tailor the Vego product to their specific needs and requirements. This makes it highly adaptable and versatile in different scenarios.

Factor 5: Durability

When it comes to durability, both Olle and Vego offer good levels of durability. Olle achieves this with its 0.6mm steel thickness, which provides strength and resilience. Similarly, Vego also exhibits commendable durability.

Olle’s 0.6mm steel thickness contributes to its robustness and longevity, ensuring it can withstand various conditions and usage scenarios. 

On the other hand, Vego’s garden beds are also 0.6mm thick. It is built to be long-lasting and capable of withstanding regular wear and tear. These beds can be a great alternative to raised beds over tree stumps.

Factor 6: Price 

Olle, with its price of $169, offers a set of two beds at a relatively lower cost compared to Vego. On the other hand, Vego provides a wider and more spacious option for $109.95 but for a single bed. So, Olle offers a better value proposition in terms of size-to-price ratio.

Ultimately, choosing between Olle and Vego will be a matter of budget and size.

So, Which One Is Better? 

There is no straightforward answer to it. Choosing raised garden beds ultimately depends on factors like the specific application. Also, environmental conditions, budget, and personal preferences should be considered while choosing one. 

Overall, both Olle and Vego offer good durability, but if you need improved rust resistance, go for Vego. Then, Vego garden beds will be the holy grail for you, if you are looking for customized options. 

Moreover, if cost is a significant factor, Olle beds may be the more favorable choice in terms of budget-friendliness.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What are the basic types of raised garden beds?

There are primarily four basic types of raised garden beds. They are, raised ground beds supported raised beds, containerized raised beds, and elevated raised beds. However, there can be some overlap between the designations. 

What type of raised garden bed is best?

For constructing a raised garden bed, cedar, redwood, cypress, fir, or black locust are best. Because they possess natural resistance to rot and pests. Then, galvanized steel (zinc-coated) and Aluzinc-coated steel (zinc-coated) are the preferred materials for metal garden beds.

What is the ideal soil for raised beds? 

The preferred soil type for a raised bed is sandy loam. It characterizes by its loose texture, good drainage, and high organic matter content. In many cases, the native soil in your yard may not be suitable for plant cultivation. Because that soil suffers from inadequate drainage, poor composition, or the presence of heavy metals and pesticides.


I hope you got to know both Olle vs Vego raised garden beds in a comprehensive manner. 

Both Olle and Vego have their own advantages and considerations. Olle excels in its rust resistance and durability. On the other hand, Vego offers safety features like rounded corners and safety edging, providing added protection. 

However, ultimately, the choice between Olle and Vego depends on your specific needs, preferences, and budget. All the best! 

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