Best Ryobi 40v Trimmer String Replacement in 2022

I’d say that the biggest bummer regarding these trimmers is the strings. You have to replace them from time to time continuously. They wear out rather quickly if you’re an avid user.

That’s why it’s not unusual for people to complain about getting better lines for their cordless trimmers. These handheld devices make it so easy to trim grass and weed on your backyard. But you need to know which string to get when you run out.

Don’t worry. After reading this, you will probably find the best Ryobi 40v Trimmer string replacement. We had the privilege to look at ten different picks. Then we ranked them and listed the top five for you to see.

We’ve even added a couple of useful points towards the end of the page. You will also see the answers to the most asked questions there. So let’s get to it, shall we? 

1. Ryobi One PLUS+ Spool Replacement

At a Glance

  • Brand: RYOBI
  • Spool count: 3
  • Thickness: 0.080”

Well, after careful evaluation, we think no one beats the spools from Ryobi themselves. Your trimmer would perform the best with the strings from the same brand. 

So what makes this stand out? Ryobi made sure that it made the strings durable. This provides the perfect size with the correct line and length. Here, the strings are twisted and durable. This set offers the best of both worlds. 

Apart from that, it comes with three spools in the box. I think a lot of the competitors tried to one-up Ryobi by putting more spools in the box. But since it’s still number 1, you can say that the others aren’t quite up to the mark. 

It’s the usual 0.080” strings. Yes, if you’re new to this, your Ryobi string should be the same as this one. The width is perfect for trimming your yard.

But you’ll get a smaller width if you go further down the list. Skip to those if that’s what you want. 

But, how much trimming do you actually get from these three spools? They only mention that you’ll get hours of trimming. Since it depends on how big your front and backyards are, the longevity will vary.

Yes, you won’t get the same longevity with three spools if you have a bigger yard than your neighbor.  

So, is it easy to install? Yes. Ryobi made sure that the spools line up with the perfect positions with their trimmers. We had three of the trimmers with us. We placed the three spools inside the 40v, 18v, and 24v trimmers.

And, how long are the spools? Well, they’re each around 10 feet. That’s not the longest, but it’s long enough. Since it’s thicker, it should last longer than the thinner blue lines.

And the spools fit just fine inside all of the three mechanisms. So what’s not to like here? 

It’s the quantity. If you’re familiar with third-party string replacements, then you should know that three isn’t enough. I mean, the fit and finish of these spools are perfect. But you would want more for the money that you’re paying, right?

If you’re concerned about how the line is, well, it’s twisted. Twisted lines usually fair well against tougher weeds and grass. Although you might say that the start lines can cut easier, we think this one does great.

Ryobi knew what they were doing with this one. Even when it comes to the installation, the whole process is decently simple. You shouldn’t need any help trying to get the string on, even if this is your first time.

Tinkering with the spool isn’t required. You can place the spool inside the trimmer where it belongs. It’s quick, easy and you can get back to cutting weed from your backyard in no time.

Don’t get me wrong. These don’t cost a fortune. But the thing is, there are cheaper options. So if you’re comfortable with getting third-party strings, then this isn’t the one for you.

But if you’re solely invested in getting a set of spools from Ryobi, then we can’t stop you, can we? It’s the best you can get for the trimmer, so maybe spending a couple of extra bucks might not matter to you at all. 

2. Thten String Trimmer Spool Replacement

At a Glance

  • Brand: Thten
  • Spool count: 6
  • Cap Count: 1
  • Thickness: 0.0865”
  • Length: 11ft 

Coming in at a second place, we have this set of spools from Thten. This time you get six spools along with a cap. So it already one-ups the Ryobi string set, right? Well, not quite. We’ll get to the details in a bit.

Let’s start with what sets this one apart from the rest on the list. It’s the only set of spools that come with six spools and has a thickness of 0.065 inches. So if you want the thinner line and you want six spools, this is the one to go for.

It’s also 11 feet in length. That’s slightly longer than the Ryobi lines. I don’t think this would make a huge difference in longevity, but we had to mention it since it’s still a feature.

We tried the spools out in our trimmers just like the first one. The strings give out precision cuts, and we got an even lawn after using these strings. 

They say that the strings are made specifically for the Ryobi trimmers. So that’s another fact that you should consider.

The best part is that you get twice the number of spools for a lower price compared to the Ryobi that’s on top of the list. So, how did this one not get the first podium finish?

Well, it’s the thickness. We saw the lines wearing out towards the end of two months. So you will see the lines deteriorating soon enough. The thinner lines didn’t fare too well during our testing compared to the thicker ones.

But it’s also noticeable that the thinner lines gave out more precise cuts. And the cuts were faster too. There are definite tradeoffs for both types of lines. But this one came short of becoming the best on the list.

All the spools are pre-wound. So, you won’t have to wind them to use for your cordless Ryobi trimmer.

I think you can get years out of the six spools if you only have one trimmer. This should be durable enough since we saw the line wearing out towards the end of the second month of use.

Again, this isn’t the best string replacement on the list. But some of you want the specific benefits of a thinner line. And, since you get six spools for less than the price of the Ryobi strings, this is a good deal nevertheless. 

3. TOPEMAI AC80RL3 Replacement Spool

At a Glance

  • Brand: TOPEMAI
  • Spool count: 8
  • Cap Count: 2
  • Thickness: 0.080”
  • Length: 11ft 

In third place, we have this set of spools from TOPEMAI. You might not have heard about them, but this set did just enough to get a podium finish. 

If you want to know what’s so unique about this one, well, it’s the numbers game. It’s the only eight spool set with 0.080 inches’ thickness. So you get almost OEM-like numbers in this regard. 

The best thing about this is that you get a set of eight spools. That’s more than double the number if you compare it to the top offering. You even get two additional spool caps. 

Let’s move out of the numbers game for now. How does this match up with the other two that are in front of it? Since it came in third, you should know it’s not as good as the previous two.

But don’t count this one out just yet. 

It’s the same 11 feet long line, and it’s on the thicker side. What we liked about this one is the fit and finish. Even though this is from a third-party company, the thickness lines up with the hole perfectly.

That’s something the other companies need to work on. 

But, it’s also cheaper than the one that’s sitting on top of the list. So why should you get the others if this one is so good? We’ll get to that.

The mowing range is the same as its particularly fixed. We also didn’t notice too much drag with this one. Maybe the scientific terms mentioned in the box do work in this case.

When it comes to the cutting, well, it was decent. The grass was cut precisely. But I still think that the previous ones had more precise cuts. That said, it’s true that the cuts are fast. So if you’re looking for a faster way to get rid of those nosy weeds, this could be it.

Although they claim that the string doesn’t get stuck while spinning, we had one such unpleasant experience. The string got caught on a weird-looking weed when we were testing this out. This might mean that certain parts weren’t sharp enough.

But it could also mean that our particular unit had a tiny fault since it was an isolated incident. 

We tried out all the spools to check if there were any defects. Then we stuck with one particular spool to check out the longevity.

The thicker lines indeed deteriorate at a slower rate. But we still think the lines wear out quicker when compared to the original strings from Ryobi. So even though this one is a couple of bucks cheaper, I’d get the Ryobi set.

The lines are twisted. You might even confuse this one with the original strings from Ryobi. But they have some subtle differences which make them perform worse. That’s not to say that these are bad. They’re just not as good as the previous two. 

4. Lucky Seven AC14RL3A String Trimmer

At a Glance

  • Brand: Lucky Seven
  • Spool count: 8
  • Cap Count: 1
  • Thickness: 0.065”

Up next, it’s this set of eight spools from Lucky Seven. I think this is a missed opportunity to call them the “Lucky Eight.” Jokes apart, this one did just enough to reach the top five. Let’s get into the details.

So what’s so special about these spools? It’s the only blue line on the list that comes with eight spools. You also get the 0.06” thick string. And the best part is that it’s the cheapest. This offers the best price-per-spool on the list too. 

You don’t need to hand-wind the string since they come pre-wound. And it’s a decent choice of spools for your 40v trimmer from Ryobi. 

They call it the 9 pack. But they include eight spools along with the cap. Unless you lost or damaged your spool cap, you might not even need it. 

Installation seemed to be easy enough for us. We aren’t professionals, and we were even able to complete this in under five minutes. So we believe you can do it too.

All the spools come with pre-wound twisted strings. So you don’t need to tinker with them and rewind them. This automatically reduces the installation and replacement time. 

So, how does it perform? It’s on the thinner side of things. So you can expect this to slice up weed in a jiffy. And that’s precisely what it does.

You might say that it’s unfair to compare it with the thicker lines. But they are all on the list for the best strings for the 40v trimmer. So we think it deserved to be here.

But we’ll be honest. The strings feel finicky. So I don’t think you’ll get years of service out of this set of strings. Don’t get me wrong, though. The performance is decent.

It’s the durability of the strings that we’re concerned about. But all of that leads you back to the price point. And when you see that this is the cheapest, you might automatically want to pick this one up since it gives you eight spools for the lowest price.

But we can’t keep forgiving brands for compromising quality because they’re affordable. 

We saw that the strings started to wear out right after a couple of weeks of use. That’s not good news at all. We were a little tough with the spools, though. Since we were testing, we had to find out whether they could handle the pressure.

Well, they can. But the others are just better. 

The only reason for you to pick this one up is the price. You probably can’t get a better deal for eight spools than this one. So if that’s your only concern, this is it. 

5. Future Way Weed Eater String Replacement

At a Glance

  • Brand: Future Way
  • Spool count: 6
  • Thickness: 0.080”
  • Length: 11ft 

Finally, we have this one from Future Way. You get six spools of nylon strings with this one. They’re also flexible enough to get you going. 

You might be wondering if this set of strings has anything special to offer. They do. These neon strings offer twice the number of spools of the original ones with affordable pricing. They replicate the original strings quite well. 

We tried this one out with three different Ryobi trimmers. Since they claimed that the strings are compatible with the 40v, the 18v, and the 24v versions, we tried them all.

And the strings worked just fine with all the trimmers. I mean, they could’ve been better. But we think that the performance was decent.

They also claim that the strings are durable. But this is where we disagree with them. We tried one spool for around two months. And the strings started to deteriorate in around three weeks.

I know you’re not paying a fortune for this. But there’s also the fact that the consumers can expect the bare minimum, right?

Installation was easy. It was the same process as any other spool installation for the Ryobi trimmers. 

Plus, it’s affordable. You get twice the amount for the string when you compare this with the one from Ryobi themselves. But, if you make a durability comparison, those ones would still come out on top.

Apart from the comparatively subpar durability, the spools are decent. And, there’s also the fact that this wouldn’t have been on the list if this was actually terrible.

We’re saying that they aren’t the best in the market. But it offers enough value, and you also get an affordable set of spools. They might not last as long, but they’re definitely a good choice. 

How to Replace Ryobi String?

ryobi 40v trimmer string replacement

If you’re looking for a string replacement, this is probably your first time. So you might not know how to put the spool inside the 40v trimmer. 

That’s why we’ve made this short guide to help you out. Following this should help you get the spool in place, even if this is your first time. 

Step 1: Removing the battery

The first thing to do is to remove the battery. There aren’t any imminent dangers if you’re not doing this part. But we still think it’s safe to keep the battery away from the trimmer when you’re doing any part replacement.

Step 2: Removing the Spool Cap

Next up, you need to remove the spool cap. It’s the white-colored part that covers the spool inside. Removing this will give you access to the spool without string. 

Step 3: Removing the Old Spool

Next, remove the old spool. If this is your first time, you should see a neon-colored empty spool inside. If you don’t remove this, you can’t get the new one in place.

Step 4: Locating the New Line End and Releasing It

Then you have to locate the end of the new line. This one is particularly easy to find. So you shouldn’t have too much trouble with this. Once you find the end, pull on it.

This will release the line from the spool. 

Step 5: Time to Unwind

Now you have to unwind by pulling on the end of the line. The line should be twisted. You can pull a few inches. This will depend on the type of trimmer you have. 7-8 inches should be enough for most of them. Then reattach the line in the notch.

Step 6: Inserting the New Line

You will see an eyelet on the trimmer. Insert the end of the new line through the eyelet. Pull hard to release the line from the notch you just attached it to. This should position the new line in place. 

Step 7: Reattaching the Cap

Position the old cap or a new cap with the tabs. Then you can snap the cap in place. You’ll find a release button towards the bottom of the spinning mechanism. Use it to advance the line more according to your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Should I go for round lines instead of twisted ones?

Answer: Over the years, twisted lines have gained popularity, and for a good reason. You might say that the twisted lines are a step ahead of the round lines. They’re stronger and take a longer time to wear out. So it would help if you went for the twisted ones. 

Question: Why is my line not durable?

Answer: If your trimmer line is continuously breaking, it might be due to usage of the wrong size. Sometimes, thicker lines like the 0.095” ones can put a strain on your device. So it’s better to stick with the recommended thickness.

Question: Will my trimmer lines dry out?

Answer: Most nylon trimmer strings become weaker with time. Sometimes, you might see them getting harder. But this also makes them easier to break. That’s the sole reason replacements exist. If you use your trimmer a lot, the lines will dry out eventually.

Question: Why aren’t my trimmer lines lasting longer?

Answer: If you see that your trimmer lines are continuously breaking, you might want to check out your yard. There might be something tough in your yard that’s giving the nylon lines a hard time. Sometimes, stones, walls, and pavements will make the lines weaker too.


All in all, we tried to show you what we liked about all these strings. Since they come from different brands, they offer something different. We tried to cover their drawbacks too so that you don’t go buying them blindly.

If you’re on the hunt for a good Ryobi 40v Trimmer string replacement, you’re sure to find one here.

Check out the reviews and compare the five. You can also check out the unique propositions that each of the strings offers. After careful evaluation, you can finally select the set of spools that you want for your Ryobi trimmer. 

Don’t blow your budget either. Till then, good luck and happy gardening!

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